Assessment Grants

In 2003, the assessment committee designated funds for assessment grants, awarding funding for innovative projects assessing student learning and institutional effectiveness. Today, these grants are awarded by the Student Learning Assessment Committee which provides guidance and institutional strategies for the assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness throughout the university.  

To date, assessment grants have been approved for student certification/licensure study materials and practice exams, student major field exams, student surveys, national association peer review (academic support/student services), faculty training workshops related to assessment and accreditation, and faculty/staff conference registration.

grant PRoposal guidelines

  • 2023-2024
    • Grants for this academic year will be funded to a maximum of $1,500. Exceptions may be granted based on available funds. 
  • Eligibility
    • An individual or team representing an academic program, department, or academic support (administrative) unit, may submit an Assessment Project Grants Application.
    • Academic departments and/or support units may form a partnership under one grant application.
  • Travel:
    • Requests must be directly related to the grant proposal and may be used to fund faculty or staff travel to and/or participation in a conference with an assessment focus.
    • Additional documentation detailing travel expenses must be attached to the Assessment Project Grant Application.
  • Student Personnel: 
    • Requests for student personnel must include a narrative demonstration that the student labor is directly related to the grant proposal and focuses on assessment activities.
  • Non-eligible Proposals:
    • The purchase of desktop or laptop computers or major office equipment will not be approved.
    • Faculty or staff salaries and faculty release time will not be approved.
    • Requests for student travel will not be approved. 
  • Reporting Requirements
    • All grant awardees are required to present a post-project report documenting project measurements, analysis, and a determination of program effectiveness to the Student Learning Assessment Committee
guides and FORMS

Please review the following documents before submitting an application. 


Assessment Project Grant Applications are due by October 10 and February 10.
Please submit an electronic copy of the grant application and any applicable attachments as one document in PDF format to:

Amanda Gardner
Assessment Specialist
University Assessment and Accreditation 

(updated Nov. 2023)