The Assessment Plan

assessment plans generally fall within two broad categories: 


  • Measures types of services/programs students want/need
  • Who are we serving? What do they need/like? 
  • Measures who is using services, what services are being used, & when services are being used
  • Scope - what is the reach of our program or service?
  • Measures to what extent students are satisfied with programs/services
  • Do students like what we have to offer?


  • Measures to what extent stated outcomes (what students know or are able to do) are met
  • What do we want to accomplish? Did we do it? 
What standards have been set by professional associations? Do we meet them?
  • Benchmarking, Best Practices, etc.
  • Evidence that resources are well spent

Most assessment plans have the same components and follow the same steps: 

Assessment Cycle

Steps in Assessment Cycle

  • Understanding your mission will help in the next step.
  • Goals and objectives should always be in line with the mission statement.
  • This should be reviewed every year or two.
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What do you want students to achieve? 
  • These should be reviewed every year or  two
  • How will you achieve your goals and objectives?
  • How will you know you achieved your goals and objectives?
  • Get to work reaching your goals and objectives.
  • Measure your outcomes.
  • Did you meet your goals and objectives? 
  • Discuss your findings. What could have gone better? What should be changed for the next go-round? 
  •  Make and implement evidence-based decisions to improve..