Art Facilities for Art Students at Arkansas Tech University

Art Facilities 


The Arkansas Tech Department of Art facility is the newest and most technologically advanced in the state. Construction of the state of the art facility was completed in 2007 is comprised of 27,000 square feet housing all the departments programs. The specialized facility contains a gallery and specialized classrooms for art history, fiber arts, printmaking, drawing, painting, graphic design, art education, ceramics, sculpture, and photography. A kiln yard and outdoor sculpture area complement the building. The outdoor areas have overhead heaters to provide a working environment during winter months. The three dimensional art areas include specialized equipment for welding, bronze casting, glass fusion, and large scale sculpture projects.In addition, there is a specialized area for glaze preparation and a fully equipped wood shop. Ventilation and dust removal systems allow students to work with art media in a safe environment.

The graphic design area features a state-of-the-art Macintosh lab, with programs and printers to facilitate, meet current market demands in graphics education. The printmaking area has large print presses, safety equipment areas for doing various print applications, and a large studio area for developing projects.The drawing and painting areas have large open spaces filled with natural light with storage for large projects. The art education area, is designed for pre-service teachers to design and present lessons. The gallery is a large open secure space with moveable panels and adjustable lighting to accommodate the display needs of exhibits which change monthly. The art history lecture area is a fully equipped smart classroom with projection area and resource library.The heart of the building is a large open commons area, where students meet, relax or study. A large bank of windows and skylight illuminate the area. Other specialized areas include a conference room, work room for faculty and staff, and faculty offices. The building also has lockers for student project storage and display areas for student work.

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