Spring Semester
November 30

Summer I Semester
English Language Institute
Application deadline:
March 31

Summer I Semester
University Admission
Application deadline:
April 30

Fall Semester
Application Deadline:
June 30



International Undergraduate Transfer Applicants

Please submit the following documents listed below to apply for admission to Arkansas Tech University:

International Undergraduate Application for Admission
Apply On-Line
2. Download a paper copy of the application for   admission
   (Must be signed and dated)

$50 USD Application Fee (Accepted methods of payment)
All fees are non-refundable and will not be waived

Academic Records
Students who have previously attended college either in the US or abroad must submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities where they have been officially registered. Students seeking transfer of credit must complete a credential evaluation through a company authorized by Arkansas Tech University (click here for a list of approved providers) and submit catalog or course descriptions from the transfer institution. Students with fewer than 24 semester hours of earned college-level credit must also submit a high school transcript or the equivalency of a US high school transcript and diploma as well as complete an entrance exam such as the ACT, SAT or COMPASS.

English Proficiency
Students who wish to apply for admission to the English Language Institute (ELI) are not required to demonstrate English proficiency. All other applicants should submit official documentation of English Proficiency.Click here for English Proficiency Requirements.

Entrance Exam
All applicants must complete the ACT, SAT or COMPASS exam. Students who have not completed the ACT or SAT may take the COMPASS exam on campus upon arrival and after admission to assist in advisement and course placement. However, if ACT or SAT scores are available, please provide this documentation along with the application for admission. Students with more than 24 semester hours of earned college-level credit are not required to take an entrance exam.

Evidence of Sufficient Financial Support
Undergraduate costs are estimated at $20,120 USD for 9 months of study including tuition and fees, housing, meals, books and other living expenses. Applicants must provide certified evidence of the source and amount of funding that will be utilized to support educational expenses. Documents must be official and issued within the 6 months previous to the time of application. No copies are accepted. Please add an additional $3,000 per each dependent.

For students who will be financing their own studies, a form has been provided to assist you with the process. If someone else is paying for your studies, that person must fill out the Financial Sponsor Statement. This can be a family member, a friend, a company, or a government.

Please provide a photocopy of your current passport as well as any previous visas to the US, I-20’s and an I-94 card if available.