Medical insurance coverage is required for all international students studying at Tech. In the year 2016-2017, the plan is administered by The Lewer Agency, Inc., 4534 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64111.

Please pick up your insurance ID card in the IMSSO. Also, students can print out their ID cards from the student login page: 

For a summary of benefits and coverage, plan brochure and to learn more about your insurance please visit the following web site:

Guidelines for using your insurance:

- Always carry your insurance ID card with you

- Call the FREE 24 hour MyNurse (nurse help line) before going to the doctor: 866-549-5076.

- If you are outside Russellville and need medical attention call the following number to find a doctor near you: 877-488-9833.  

- Customer Service available Monday through Friday, 8 am-6 pm: 1-800-821-7710.