Frequently Asked Questions


How much is my scholarship?
Refer to your original scholarship award notice or go to  to determine the maximum award for Tech scholarships.
Will I receive all of my scholarship?
The amount that will actually credit to your account will vary based on your scholarship and your actual charges.  Your actual charges are dependent on the number of hours you enroll in each term, and the residence hall and/or meal plan that you choose.

What is the last day to update my schedule for the hours to qualify for my scholarship's minimum enrollment?
For either the Tech scholarships or the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) awards, your enrollment is reported as of the 11th class day of each term.  This date varies with each term, so be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office to determine what this date is before you change your schedule.  Any additions after the 11th class day to meet the minimum required enrollment will not be considered.

When will I get my refund?

Refund dates and other important dates are posted on the Student Accounts web site at
In what order will my aid apply to my account?

It will depend on the combination of aid you receive.  Most often your aid will be applied in this order:  (1) federal grants will be applied, (2) any state aid you receive, and (3) any institutional aid.  NOTE:  There are certain circumstances when the institutional aid will be credited before the state aid.
Why has my scholarship not credited to my account?

Ask yourself the following questions.  Have you:

Why did my scholarship credit for the fall term, but not the spring term?

Ask yourself the following questions.  Did you:

How do I keep my scholarship?
Refer to your original scholarship award letter, the Admissions web site at, or the Undergraduate Catalog for your award year at for specific details on your Tech scholarship award.  In general, students are expected to:

Can I appeal a lost Tech academic scholarship?
Under extreme circumstances, such as severe illness or a death in the immediate family, scholarship appeals are considered.  Please send a detailed letter including supporting documentation, if appropriate, to the attention of Alisa Waniewski, Coordinator of Recruitment and Academic Scholarships, 1605 Coliseum Drive Suite 141, Russellville AR  72801.  Decision notification from the scholarship appeals committee will be sent to your mailing address as recorded in our student information system.


Will I qualify for the new Freshman Incentive Scholarship for the 2013-2014 aid year?

In order to receive this one-year scholarship you must be eligible for the Pell Grant and the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship.  If at any time you lose the Pell Grant or the Challenge Scholarship this award is forfeited.



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