Student Affairs Committees

Cross-functional committees help us achieve our mission of cultivating a community that provides access, fosters development, and promotes holistic well-being. The following committees advise, support, and advance the strategic goals of the Division of Student Affairs.

To work with all departments to ensure appropriate levels of assessment are being conducted and the results of the assessment are appropriately utilized. The committee will serve as a resource and support for all departments in Student Affairs and provide training and development opportunities

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Interim Chair:

Luke Hams, Area Coordinator for Residence Life

Kara Johnson, Coordinator for Civic Engagement

Delton Gordon, Associate Dean for Residence Life

Colette Tobias, Assistant Dean for Residence Life

Ashley Phillips, Detective

Beth Snyder, Public Safety Officer

Meighan Burke, Director of Student Transition

Dr. Brett Bruner, Dean of Student Engagement

The "why" of student-employee learning outcomes embodies the idea that a job at ATU is more than just a paycheck. It is an opportunity to improve skill areas, develop existing strengths, and seek growth in new areas. This team will develop a division-wide program to positively impact and measure student learning through on-campus student employment within the Division of Student Affairs.

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Chair: Will Cooper, Assoc. Dean for Student Conduct/Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Clay Moore, Coordinator of Event & Building Management

Karissa Webb, Administrative Specialist for Residence Life

Amanda Eakin, Administrative Specialist for Student Conduct

Sabrina Anwar, International Student Services Specialist

Richard Wineland, Corporal/Parking and Camera Coordinator

Alec Mothershead, GA - Resident Director

Dylan Tedder, GA – Student Activities

To provide access to a range of opportunities for the intellectual, professional, social, and cultural development of the Division of Student Affairs staff, allowing them to increase in knowledge, enhance their professional competencies, and deliver exceptional service to the students of Arkansas Tech.

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Chair: Bill Lacava, Assistant Dean for Residence Life

Kristy Davis, Associate Dean for Student Wellness

Sara Chronister, International Student Immigration Specialist

Brittany Reves, Administrative Specialist for Campus Life

Dr. Danielle Brooks, Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion

Nathaniel Clark, Patrol Officer

Graduate assistants are an essential part of functioning as a lean division within the institution. This committee is charged with holistically examining the graduate student experience within our division and seeking avenues to prepare our graduate students for their future careers as they work within our various  departments and programs. The goals of the committee are to streamline the assistantship request process for departments, create consistent expectations for graduate assistants and supervisors, to develop more meaningful performance and experience evaluations, and to create a professional development program for graduate assistants.

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Chair: Kevin Solomon, Associate Dean for Campus Life

Luke Hams, Area Coordinator for Residence Life

Aubrey Holt, Assistant Dean for Campus Life

Delton Gordon, Associate Dean for Residence Life

Aaliyah Moore, Coordinator for Multicultural Support

Thomas Strahan, Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Lauren Bryan, GA for Campus Recreation                                                                                                                                                                                

To review and process applications and to create and implement a fundraising campaign for the Fight On Fund, a student emergency assistance fund.

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Chair: Mark Pyburn, Captain/Criminal Division Commander

Karissa Webb, Administrative Assistant for Residence Life

Karen Pittman, Testing Coordinator

Heather Campbell, Registered Nurse

Julie Knotts, Administrative Assistant for Student Wellness

KaShema Washington, Office Manager for UTDS

Kyle Wewers, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

To provide ongoing advice to the Student Affairs Leadership Team, which will enable the division to ensure that people with disabilities are given access to division programs and services.

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Chair: Holli Weiss, Director for UTDS

Ashlee Leavell, Coordinator of Disability Services

Janis Taylor, Counselor

Kerry Shannon, Coordinator for Campus Recreation

Yasu Onodera, Associate Dean for Int’l and Multicultural Student Services

Shelly Hall, Administrative Assistant for Veteran Services

Laura Palmer, Coordinator for Marketing and Assignments

Nikki Templeton, Counselor

Madalyn Sehorn, GA for UTDS

To represent the wellness interests and needs of the students. The primary function of the committee is to foster communication with wellness program participants in order to seek their advice and assistance in maximizing the effective use of resources for wellness activities.

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Chair: Brandye Bisek, APRN and Health Center Director

Cori Poore, Registered Nurse

Robin Joslin, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Hunter Bramlitt, Counselor

Janis Taylor, Counselor

Marsha Oels, Coordinator for Veteran Services

William Titsworth, Asst. Dean for Student Conduct/Lead Title IX Investigator

Carson Ayers, Graduate Assistant for Student Wellness

To provide a proactive approach in addressing AOD issues in the ATU community. The primary function of this committee is to seek out and support the implementation of AOD best practices and provide resources to the campus community.

2018 – 2019 Committee Members

Co-chair: Craig Witcher, Counselor

Co-chair: Nikki Templeton, Counselor

Colette Tobias, Assistant Dean for Residence Life

Thomas Strahan, Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Tammy Dougan, Assistant Chief/Patrol Commander

Sabrina Billey, Area Coordinator for Residence Life

Chris Pearson, Detective

Dr. Robert Stevens, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Science

Dr. Erica Wondolowski, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Science