Division of Student Affairs Assessment


The Assessment Committee comprises all the members of the Student Affairs team who conduct assessment for one or more functional areas.  

Committee Members:

  • Chair: Dr. Aubrey Holt, Director of Assessment, Student Affairs 
  • Megan Bell, Civic & Community Engagement and Student Leadership 
  • Rachel Broussard, Events Management
  • Meighan Burke, Student Transition, Commuter Programs, Spirit Programs
  • Will Cooper, Student Conduct
  • Kristy Davis, Health & Wellness Center 
  • Deidra Dillard, First-Generation Student Experience 
  • Rhylie Gachot, Fraternity & Sorority Life and Student Activities 
  • Stacy Galbo, Title IX 
  • Dr. Delton Gordon, Residence Life 
  • Shelly Hall, Veteran Services 
  • Ashlee Leavell, University Testing & Disability Services 
  • Marika Lederman, Academic Advising Center and Career Services 
  • Malik McBride, Multicultural Student Services
  • Josh McMillian, Public Safety 
  • Chelsea Neal, Campus Life and Student Union
  • Niki Schwartz, Financial Aid
  • Kerry Shannon, Campus Recreation & Esports
  • Elizabeth Underwood, University Marketing & Communication

Departmental Assessment

  • Assessment Plans Due: July 31
  • Feedback from Assessment Director: August 
  • Checkpoints with SA Leadership Team: October and April
  • Checkpoints with Assessment Committee:  Monthly 
  • Checkpoint with Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness Staff:  Monthly 
  • End of Year Reports Due: June 15


Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) Review: Five-year Cycle

  • Five-year Action Plan:  Assess progress toward identified goals each year within departmental assessment plan