Program in Geology

The science of geology involves the development of an understanding of the Earths physical and chemical processes, environmental systems, and natural resources. Processes that produce the Earths landforms, cause earthquakes, generate volcanism, form rocks and minerals, govern the movement and residence of surface and ground waters are all subjects of geological study, as well as the history of the earth and the record of life on earth, as preserved in fossils.

The Geology program at Arkansas Tech University is a Bachelor of Science program designed to give students a broad background in geology for flexibility in career goals. Employment opportunities for geologists exist in private industry, state and federal government agencies, and education at all levels.

The TECH Geology program has a strong emphasis and a successful history in preparing students for field geology. The geographic setting of ATU in central Arkansas provides an exceedingly rich opportunity to see examples of a wide variety of features covered in the basic geology curriculum. For example:

In the Boston Mountains and Ozarks to the north:

  • Paleozoic carbonate shelf rocks
  • Marine invertebrate fossils from Ordovician through Pennsylvanian Age
  • Zinc and lead sulfide deposits, world class dolomite crystals

In the Ouachita Mountains to the south:

  • Fold and thrust belt structures
  • The world class Magnet Cove alkaline igneous intrusive complex
  • Paleozoic deep-water facies sedimentary rocks
  • Quartz crystal capital of the US, and other collectibles

In the Arkansas River Valley, where the campus is located:

  • Arkoma foreland basin (gas-rich)
  • Bituminous through semi-anthracite coal deposits

In the nearby Coastal Plain and Mississippi embayment to the south and east:

  • Cretaceous, Tertiary, and Pleistocene unconsolidated sediments
  • Cretaceous Prairie Creek diamond pipe (Crater of Diamonds State Park)
  • Dinosaur footprints and skeletal fossils

Some scholarships are available that are described below and can be applied for through the university by following this link.

Reuben Dee Caudle Scholarship: A partial-tuition scholarship will be provided for a student majoring in one of the physical science fields. The recipient must demonstrate a financial need, must meet and maintain satisfactory scholastic requirements. Preference will be given to Arkansas residents and those who have prior military service. This scholarship is to be re-awarded to the initial freshman recipient each of his/her subsequent three years while at Tech provided he/she continues to major in Physical Sciences and maintains good academic standing. Awards will be made each fall semester that funds are sufficient.

Truman McEver Memorial Scholarship: Recipient must be an entering freshman who is majoring in the Department of Physical and Life Sciences. Academic ability and financial need are considered.

Jack L. King Scholarship: This partial-tuition scholarship will be awarded each semester that funds are available. To be eligible for this scholarship the student must be a graduate of Western Yell County High School, have an ACT composite score of 19 or above and an ACT Math and Science score of 22 or above, have declared a major in Engineering, Math, Science or a related field at Arkansas Tech University.

Louise Berkeley Turner Scholarship: This partial-tuition scholarship will be awarded each fall semester that funds are available to a student majoring in math, science or a related field and may be renewed for one consecutive semester provided the recipient is making sufficient academic progress.