Program in Geology

The science of geology involves the development of an understanding of the Earth's physical and chemical processes, environmental systems, and natural resources. Processes that produce the Earth's landforms, cause earthquakes, generate volcanism, form rocks and minerals, govern the movement and residence of surface and ground waters are all subjects of geological study, as well as the history of the earth and the record of life on earth, as preserved in fossils.

The Geology program at Arkansas Tech University is a Bachelor of Science program designed to give students a broad background in geology for flexibility in career goals. Employment opportunities for geologists exist in private industry, state and federal government agencies, and education at all levels.

The TECH Geology program has a strong emphasis and a successful history in preparing students for field geology. The geographic setting of ATU in central Arkansas provides an exceedingly rich opportunity to see examples of a wide variety of features covered in the basic geology curriculum.

Geology at ATU:

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