Geology Program and Physical Sciences Scholarships

Some scholarships are available that are described below and can be applied for through the university.

Reuben Dee Caudle Scholarship: A partial-tuition scholarship will be provided for a student majoring in one of the physical science fields. The recipient must demonstrate a financial need, must meet and maintain satisfactory scholastic requirements. Preference will be given to Arkansas residents and those who have prior military service. This scholarship is to be re-awarded to the initial freshman recipient each of his/her subsequent three years while at Tech provided he/she continues to major in Physical Sciences and maintains good academic standing. Awards will be made each fall semester that funds are sufficient.

Truman McEver Memorial Scholarship: Recipient must be an entering freshman who is majoring in the Department of Physical and Life Sciences. Academic ability and financial need are considered.

Jack L. King Scholarship: This partial-tuition scholarship will be awarded each semester that funds are available. To be eligible for this scholarship the student must be a graduate of Western Yell County High School, have an ACT composite score of 19 or above and an ACT Math and Science score of 22 or above, have declared a major in Engineering, Math, Science or a related field at Arkansas Tech University.

Louise Berkeley Turner Scholarship: This partial-tuition scholarship will be awarded each fall semester that funds are available to a student majoring in math, science or a related field and may be renewed for one consecutive semester provided the recipient is making sufficient academic progress.