Anthropology Degree through the Behavior Science Department at ATU

What is the Anthropology Minor?

Anthropology is the study of what it means to be human. It is an interdisciplinary field with four main subdisciplines that span the areas of social science, science, and the humanities. The anthropology curriculum at Tech focuses on the areas of cultural anthropology (contemporary cultural diversity) and archaeology (past human cultures) as well as the interactions between cultures and the environment. The minor in anthropology is a good accompaniment to many majors and prepares students for careers that require cross-cultural competence and that involve public presentation and interpretation of cultural diversity. 


What Will I Learn in This Program?

  • Demonstrated knowledge of how to approach complex, multicultural issues
  • Development of qualitative and quantitative research projects
  • Development of ethical perspectives through an exploration of human diversity
  • Evaluation of cultural development over time
  • Written and oral presentation skills


What Courses Will I Take?

To complete the anthropology minor, students must take ANTH 1213 (Introduction to Anthropology), ANTH 2003 (Cultural Anthropology), and 12 hours of other anthropology courses.

Course descriptions can be viewed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

What Resources Are Available to Me?


Additional resources specifically for Tech students:


Where Might I Find a Job After Graduating from This Program?

The anthropology minor is an advantageous complement to most majors and helps prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities. Anthropologists work in colleges and universities, government agencies, businesses, museums, non-profit associations, and community organizations. Students planning on a career in anthropology should consider majoring in Cultural and Geospatial Studies.


Where Can I Get More Information about the Anthropology Minor?

For more information about the Anthropology Minor requirements, see the program within the College of Arts and Humanities catalog.