Undergraduate Degrees

Our programs seek to help students express themselves effectively, especially in writing; develop a respect for and an understanding of language; appreciate and profit from a study of our common literary heritage; increase their awareness of and empathy for diverse peoples and cultures; discover the relevance of ideas and values found in their reading; and learn to think critically and evaluate wisely.

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Students practicing Japanese writing

Departmental majors are prepared for a variety of careers in advertising, communications, education, government, management, personnel work, public relations, and sales. A degree in creative writing or English also provides an excellent undergraduate preparation for the student planning to pursue graduate study of business, law, or the humanities.

B.A. in English

The B.A. in English requires 36 semester hours in English and two semesters of study in one foreign language.

B.A. in English Education

The B.A. in English Education requires 39 semester hours in English, 26 semester hours in Secondary Education, 3 semester hours of Speech, and two semesters of study in one foreign language.

B.F.A. in Creative Writing

The B.F.A. in Creative Writing requires 45 hours in English.

B.A. in Spanish

The B. A. In Spanish requires 38 semester hours of Spanish.

B.A. in Spanish Education

The B.A. in Spanish Education requires 45 semester hours in Spanish, 26 semester hours in Secondary Education, and 3 semester hours of Speech.


The Department of English and World Languages offers twelve minors: Creative Writing, English, Film Studies, French,  German, Japanese, Spanish,  Spanish for Medical Interpretation, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

Advanced Placement

Students with previous foreign languages experience may take the Spanish Placement Survey to determine plavement level in Spanish classes. This placement level will not exceed SPAN 3013. Students who have omitted one or more courses in the basic language sequence will receive credit for omitted courses when they have validated their advanced placement by passing the course into which they are placed with a grade of "C" or better.