FAMA updates

Russellville Campus 

  • New Campus Entrance: Design is underway and coordinating with ARDot and City for timelines.
    • Working on scheduling community involvement/input events. Most likely early 2023.
    •  ATU portion of physical work will take place summer 2023.
    • Planning community involvement meetings in the coming months.
    • Projected start date for ATU portion is May 15, 2023.
  • Caraway Residence Hall roof and exterior improvements: An architect was selected and approved by BOT. 
    • Working with procurement to get PO's issued, and begin contract work.
    • PO's issued, and work scheduling moving right along.
  • Jones Residence Hall Renovation: Design complete & projected start date for October 10. 
    • Project in progress, moving along smoothly.
  • 404 N El Paso: Working through equipment submittals and work scheduling. 
    • Anticipated completion date 2/28/23.
    • Project substantially complete, working with occupants on projected move timelines now.
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers: Pricing received from installation vendor, working on project scheduling. 
    • Seeking additional bids, attempting to install over spring break.
    • PO's are issued, planning to break ground over spring break.
  • Art Department Kiln Addition: Awaiting shipment of new kiln. 
    • New kiln being constructed, awaiting shipment to begin physical work.
  • McEver Lab Renovations: Bid opening scheduled for mid-October, project anticipated to start after spring semester of 2023. 
    • Contractor award goes to B.O.T. on 12/20/22.
    • EWI awarded as low bid contractor.
    • Pre-construction meeting held on 2/20/2023, planning to start project May 2, 2023.
  • ATU Student Union & Rec Center: Final board approval received at October board meeting.
    • W.O. Young Demo: Tentatively anticipating building demo to begin 12/2, project duration 12-14 weeks. Demo is complete as of 2/16/23.
    • Meeting with Admin & Finance team, Kinco, and architect to discuss budget & timeline on 2/23/2023.

Ozark Campus 

  • Electric Vehicle Chargers: Pricing received from installation vendor, working on project scheduling. 
    • Working on budget transfer to accomadate small amout of overage.
    • PO initiated on 2/16/2023, hoping to get work scheduled in the next few weeks.
  • ICS Building: Architect search committee has selected architect, pending board approval in October board meeting. 
    • Project in design phase.
    • Pre-bid walk throu scheduled for 1/19/23.
    • Bids received, and contractor going to board for approval at February meeting (2/20/2023).
    • EWI awarded low bid contractor, physical work and mobilization started week of 2/27/2023.
    • Project started and moving along smoothly as of, 4/25/2023.
    • Finish date established for Aug 4, 2023.

Russellville Campus 

  • Doc Bryan Roof: Project in design phase. 
    • Moisture scan completed during the Thanksgiving holiday, project still in design phase.
    • Project design nearing completion, hoping to go to bid by end of March.
    • Going to board in June.
  • McEver Roof: Project is ongoing.
    • Tentative completion date is March 31. Evaluating that timeline based upon weather delays.
    • Anticipating completion by May 31, 2023.
  • Tucker Col Roof: Project in design phase. 
    • Initial architect meeting held the first week of November.
      • Were able to establish timeline, additional deducts to account for any inflation, etc.
      • Timeline established for project:
        • January 30 – Deliver Construction Documents

          February 5 – First advertisement in Sunday’s Democrat-Gazette

          February 12 – Second advertisement in Sunday’s Democrat-Gazette

          February 14 – Mandatory Prebid meeting

          February 21 – Bid Opening

          March 16 – ATU Board of Trustees Approval  (giving ATU 3 weeks to review bids)

          May 6 – Graduation / Commencement

          May 8 – Mobilize contractor

          March 15, 2024 (or earlier) – Construction Complete before Graduation 2024

  • Hull Student Union Roof: Project complete, still working through ongoing leak issues.
  • Chambers West Dining Hall Interior Improvements: Flooring & painting project scheduled in Rothwell for Christmas Break. 
    • Painting planned to begin the week of 12/12.
    • Painting is complete, scheduling floor to be replaced beginning 4/26/2023. Projected finish date is 6/2/2023.
      • Flooring start date pushed to 5/8/23.
  • Hull 121 HVAC Work:
    • Working with occupants on timelines and repairs. 
    • Units expected to arrive by the end of January 2023
    • Project complete, aside from some minor damaged piece, as of 2/16/2023.
  • Tomlinson HVAC Work: 
    • Working on procuring equipment.
  • Hull Double Gym HVAC Work
    • Working on procuring equipment.
  • Doc Bryan Interior Improvements: Replacing floor in entry, replacing floor in Veterans Services, replacing base in common areas, and painting in common areas. Project anticipated over Christmas break. 
    • Plan to communicate with occupants of that building after Thanksgiving holiday to discuss timelines and impacted areas.
    • Project was postponed due to freeze issues (winter storms in December '22).
    • Communicating with occupants for new schedule.
    • Work in progress. Painting crew working 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM to avoid any ocupant traffic.
    • Project complete aside from minor punch list details.
  • RPL Elevator: Design professional scheduled for second week of October to evaluate. 
    • Recomendation received, working on ironing out some details with the design professional prior to advancement of this project.
    • Meeting with design professional, selected contractor, and ATU scheduled for 12/2/2022.
    • Awaiting bid from contractor.

Ozark Campus 

  • Technology and Academic Support building HVAC Renovation: Project underway, and nearing completion. 
    • Work anticpated to complete in March.
  • 2,016 work orders received, 1,663  work orders closed, 82% Completion Rate (1/1/23-4/25/2023)
  • Working through list of winter storm damage resulting from extremely cold temperatures over Christmas holiday.
    • Morton Hall Leak
    • Witherspoon Leak
    • Dean Leak(s)
    • Post Office Leak
    • Energy Center Power Issue
    • Hog Barn Leak
    • CAC Leak
    • RCB Sprinkler Head Leak
    • Turner Fire Riser Issue
    • M-Street Irrrigation RPZ
    • Corley Leak
    • McEver Fire Riser Issue
    • Hull Water Fountain Leak

                ** Insurance adjuster visit went very well, visiting with stakeholders about future repairs now.

                ** All issues are stable at the present time, please reach out with any questions regarding any of these issues.

  • Isolating Steam Leak in yard near Theatre
    • Repair in progress, projeccted to pour new concrete sidewalks 1/19-1/20/2023.
    • Repair completed.
  • Working with utility providers on exterior security lighting as appropriate. 
  • Double gym floor repair (freeze related issue) scheduled to begin 3/6/2023. Occupants will not be able to use that space until 5/6/2023.
    • Repair complete.
  • Launching building inspection program Q1 of 2023. The intent is to get in each building once a quarter to discuss any key issues with occupants. 
    • Program moving smoothly, please reach out with any new issues or concerns.
  • Working with athletics on small cosmetic projects.
    • Painting football weight room.
    • Painting softball locker room.
    • Painting Cross-Country/Tenis office area.