Research Interests

Signal processing in medical applications, Embedded systems, Medical instrumentation, Computer applications in medicine, Student learning.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is the noblest of professions and perhaps one of the oldest dating back to Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. The Socratic method is a time tested approach to develop critical thinkers who are as essential in today society as they were in the ancient world. The scientific method, which is so important in today’s approach to science and engineering, was developed to employ a systematic method to deciphering and discover of new knowledge. Its origins are attributable to these three philosophers especially to Aristotle in his treatise on scientific inquiry. Although it has been said that: “The scientist merely explores that which exists, while the engineer creates what has never existed before.'' Theodore VonKármán (1957). There are many parallels between the engineering design method and the scientific method. In teaching, I subscribe to the Socratic method to promote critical thinking.

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