Instructional Laboratory Safety Procedures


Electrical Engineering Department


Instructional Laboratory Safety Procedures

The following procedures are for use by authorized students, faculty and staff involved with laboratories maintained by the Electrical Engineering Department for instructional purposes.

The course instructor or laboratory supervisor has final responsibility for the safety of all students working in the laboratory under their supervision. The instructor has the obligation and authority to enforce all approved safety procedures in effect at the time.

Individuals operating any piece of equipment in any of the department teaching laboratories will adhere to all current safety and barrier requirements. Students and faculty are responsible for reading, understanding and following all safety procedures posted on the departmental web site, in the laboratories or on specific pieces of equipment that they use.

Teaching laboratories in the Electrical Engineering Department are normally closed and locked when not in use for scheduled labs. Students are not permitted unsupervised access to the lab facilities without permission.

The following procedures and practices only apply to Laboratory Facilities operated by the Electrical Engineering Department of Arkansas Tech University for Supervised Instruction associated with established laboratory courses, or to students enrolled in a laboratory course who have the permission of the instructor to work without supervision.



Posting Procedures:

The emergency and safety procedures for the Department of Electrical Engineering will be posted through the building in plain view of all patrons.

Personal Protective Equipment:

Minimum permissible protective equipmentto be worn at all times by all students working in any ATU Electrical Engineering Department labs involving soldering or rotating machinery.

1. A soldering video will be required viewing by everyone using the Electrical Engineering soldering stations. The lab instructor will be responsible for maintaining a list of students who have viewed the video. Additional instruction will be provided on an as-needed basis.

2. ANSI Z-87-approved safety glasses (wraparound style or equipped with side shields) are required for all soldering and use of rotating machinery in Electrical Engineering. These safety glasses are the property and responsibility of the individual student. Lab instructors or supervisors are responsible for proper adherence to these safety guidelines.

3. Closed toe shoes.

4. Long pants, skirt or dress that covers the legs and ankles. Note: loose or floppy clothing should never be worn when using power tools.

5. Long hair must be tied, covered or otherwise controlled to keep it out of the face.

6. Soldering stations must be located in well ventilated areas.

Sign Form:

Sign the a form indicating you have read and understand the departmental safety policies and give the signed form to your instructor.