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Blake Lynch - A Job With the United States Air Force

Blake LynchHello, my name is Blake Lynch. Currently, I am a senior computer science student at Arkansas Tech University. When I first came to Arkansas Tech, I had no knowledge or prior experience in the computer field. Since the time I was in high school, I knew that I wanted a career that focused on computer programming, but I didn’t know how to master the skills on my own. As my college career began, I finally got to immerse in the complexity of computing. By the time I was going into my junior year, I had enough experience to try to take my knowledge to the next level. Although my chances of getting an internship were much smaller than higher-level students, I decided to go to the career fair during the Spring semester of my sophomore year to get my foot in the door for employment. To my surprise, I landed an internship by emailing an employer who was listed at the career fair. After returning from my internship with a company called ProMAS, I went into the second half of my college career. The classes were beginning to get more challenging, but I knew it was all worth it in the end. I went to the career fair during the Fall semester of my junior year, spoke with a few employers, and sent off my resumé in hopes that some of my prior experiences would be enough to aid me. A couple of months later, I received an email saying that I had been accepted into an internship program with the United States Air Force. As of today, I have a job waiting for me there when I graduate college. If I were to give future college students advice, it would be this. Do not let your classes weigh you down. If you study hard enough and focus on the end goal, you will be rewarded. It may get challenging to the point where you feel like changing majors, but just remember, the teachers are giving you projects and assignments that you can use to build your resumé or use in a job interview.
April 22, 2019.