Department of Computer & Information Science

The Department of Computer and Information Science programs are designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to initiate and maintain a successful career in the computer and information science fields. All students in our programs are exposed to a variety of hardware platforms and programming languages. Hands-on experience in the design and implementation of a complete information systems project is attained in the student's senior year.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Computer and Information Science is to produce men and women who can assess, develop, and maintain business and scientific computing systems, and who are capable of continued learning and ethical practice in computing.

To achieve this mission the department provides a professional environment that introduces students to relevant computing concepts, systems, and methodologies through a curriculum that effectively blends theory with practice.

There Are Three Critical Components To Creating This Professional Environment:

  1. a faculty dedicated to student learning
  2. a diverse set of computing resources
  3. a curriculum that can be tailored to satisfy individual objectives

The department is committed to providing knowledgeable and caring faculty, access to a full range of computers, operating systems, programming languages, and application packages, and curricular options that address the needs of modern business and scientific computing.

Please call our Admissions Office to schedule a visit with faculty and tour our classrooms.

Best wishes for success in all your endeavors.

ABET Accredited Programs

Computer Science, BS
Information Systems, BS



Degrees and Programs


Computer Science

The curriculum prepares students to program systems in a commercial environment. Mathematics and engineering coursework partner with computer science to enable design and implementation of software.

Computer Science Education for Teacher Licensure

The curriculum consists of several education courses and variety of computing courses in programming, web development, app development, computer hardware, networking, databases, ethics, and methods of teaching computer science.  


The cybersecurity degree includes courses in programming, wireless technologies, mathematics, and networking concentrating on theory and hands-on experience. 


The curriculum prepares students to design and implement business process systems, using programming, databases, web development, networking, and client-server processing.


The curriculum prepares students to administer computer systems and networks while studying web development, databases, system administration, and computer forensics.


The AAS in Cybersecurity degree includes courses in programming, wireless technologies, mathematics, and networking with focused concentrations in both theory and practical hands-on experience.

Information Technology (Associates)

The curriculum enables students to develop skills in the areas of web processing, databases, networking, programming, and various operating systems.

Master of Science in Information Technology

This program includes coverage of local-area networks, database, operating systems, the Internet, and the web. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of information systems in business and education. 




COMS 1003 Credit by Exam

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