Arkansas Tech STEM Institute

We are very excited about all of the wonderful and innovative things the ATU STEM Institute will be doing this 2017-2018 school year! Watch out for some of the following things plus many more to come later!

2017 - 18 Math Opportunities

For more information please contact Sarah Burnett


VEX Robotics (Grades 5-10) November 2017

  Do you have what it takes to program a robot? Participants will explore text-based programming with the VEX IQ  robot. VEX utilizes a free text-based program called Robot C. This session is designed for all levels of programming  learners.

Scratching the Surface with Makey Makey (Grades 4-9) Nov 28th

   Participants will use the Makey Makey as a vehicle for block programming with Scratch. This session will be great for  everyone, no matter the level of expertise in programming. Novice programmers and experienced programmers are  welcome to explore the many benefits of utilizing Makey Makey in the classroom.  

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Math Minis: November 2017 - April 2018
  • Number Talks (Grades 4-10) January 24th 4:30pm – 7:30pm Registration HERE
  • Explore purposeful problem sets that will get your students productively talking about mathematics.
  • Increasing DOK Levels (Grades 3-5) Nov. 16th 4:30pm – 7:30pm Registration  HERE
  • How can you take a DOK level 1 question and increase it to a DOK 3 with just a few changes? Explore how Robert Kaplinsky views DOK.
  • Increasing DOK Levels (Grades 6-10) December 5th 4:30pm – 7:30pm Registration  HERE
  • How can you take a DOK level 1 question and increase it to a DOK 3 with just a few changes? Explore how Robert Kaplinsky views DOK.
  • Fostering Geometric Thinking (Grades 5-10)February 28th 4:30pm - 7:30pm Registration HERE
  • Utilize the geometric habits of mind to create to support your students’ geometric thinking.
  • Fostering Algebraic Thinking (Grades 5-10) April 19th 4:30pm - 7:30pm Registration HERE
  • Discover activities and rich tasks to develop your students’ algebraic habits of mind. 


2017 - 18 Science Opportunities

For more information please contact Corey Adaire

Summer Science Rewind (K-5, 6-12) Oct. 2017

   Designed to help those new to the Arkansas K-12 Science Standards learn the basics of the new standards and for  them to experience three dimensional teaching and learning. Abbreviated version of Summer 2017 GPS 

Science PLC’s (cooperation with Arch Ford ESC)

  Participating teachers will become active partners in building and revising lessons, designing student-centered  instruction, and increasing students’ ability to reason and solve complex problems.  K-4, 5-8 and 9-12. 18 hours of  ADE-approved PD will be provided over 3 sessions.

Starlab:Portable Planetarium Training December, 5th 2017

   This half-day training at the Hickory Lodge at the Lake Point Conference Center (1 PM - 4 PM)  will provide teachers with basic setup/take down procedures for the STEM Institute’s portable  Starlab, as well as pre-lesson and a 30 min presentation format for rotating groups of students through the  planetarium. This teacher training is required for anyone wishing to check out Starlab.Three hours of ADE-  approved PD will be

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For more information about the StarLab please visit this page.

Earth Science in the Physical Science Classroom, March 29, 2018

   Designed to assist the physical science teacher investigate the various options for incorporating the earth science  standards into the physical science classroom. Six hours of ADE-approved PD will be provided. 

Physics in the Chemistry Classroom, April 19, 2018

   Designed to assist the high school chemistry teacher better understand how to teach the physics based standards  that are included in the new Arkansas Chemistry-Integrated course. Sample lessons and an example pacing guide will  be presented. Six hours of ADE-approved PD will be provided.



Check here often for updated listings of our Professional Development Opportunities.