Out Of State

Information found on this page refers to incoming undergraduate students only.

Live In A Bordering State?

Applicants who live in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas are considered in-state for tuition purposes. A limited number of out-of-state scholarship awards are made to applicants who live outside of Arkansas and its border states.

Live In Another State?

The ATU tuition waiver policy hereby waives out-of-state non-resident undergraduate tuition rates down to equal the in-state rates for any student who enrolls with a 2.25 GPA. The student must maintain the 2.25 GPA throughout the college coursework to qualify for the waiver through multiple enrollment cycles until graduation. Additionally, an incoming undergraduate student must be a U.S resident or have an appropriate visa. Alternatively, an incoming undergraduate must reside in the state for 3 years and have either an in state high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma (GED). A student who is eligible for this tuition waiver must adhere to any and all State of Arkansas laws and Arkansas Division of Higher Education academic enrollment procedures and regulations.