Summer 2020 Schedule


Summer 2020 Schedule




Wed May 13 - Game Night with Rebecca Goldstein, 6:00 pm
Come play or be part of the audience as we experience Jackbox Party Pack 3. Take part in Trivia Murder Party where answering questions wrong leads to death. Nothing to worry about because you still get to compete as a ghost. See how well you know human behavior by guessing the percentage of people that in engage in various activities with Guesspionage. Provide answers to various prompts to earn the most votes in Quiplash 2. Or test out your drawing and slogan skills with Tee K.O. Be sure to have a second device (tablet preferred or phone) to play. Contact with any questions.
Join Zoom Meeting ID: 963 213 9086
Password: 311745

Thurs. May 21 - Collecting Data to Inform Decision-Making Around Remote Learning (Academic Impressions webcast), 12:00-12:45 pm
Learn what data you can collect now to inform decision-making around remote and online learning moving forward. The transition to remote instruction has presented its fair share of challenges, but also represents an opportunity for data collection that many universities have yet to take advantage of. As you transition into summer and fall terms, collecting data related to the experience and needs of both faculty and students can equip you with important information like:
- Which technological and pedagogical aspects of remote learning have proven most difficult
- How remote learning is affecting student motivation
- Which support services are working well for students and which are lacking
- Which instructor(s) could help champion online education and further institutional goals around online growth strategy moving forward
Join us to learn how you can collect and use this type of data to inform decision-making and improve the quality of remote instruction at your institution. Our expert instructor--who has 14 years of experience in online education across institutional sizes and types—will teach you what questions to ask, how and when to ask them, and how to translate your results into action. This program has been designed for academic leaders, faculty developers, and online education professionals who wish to gain data-based insight on how to support and adjust remote learning at their institutions moving forward.
This webcast is free with the institution's subscription to Academic Impressions. Sign up for an account using your ATU email to register under the university's account. You should then be able to register for this webcast. A recording of this webcast will be available on the CETL Blackboard shell about 1 week after May 21.

Thurs. May 21 - Learning to Play Dungeons & Dragons, 6:00 pm
Over the past few years, interest and exposure to sword and sorcery role playing games (and in particular Dungeons and Dragons / D&D) has dramatically increased. From The Big Bang Theory to Stranger Things to Game of Thrones to most recently The Witcher, fantasy role playing games have re-entered the mainstream consciousness. Compounding this trend, many people started seeking out additional forms of entertainment with the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak. But picking up a role playing game can be intimidating for those new and unfamiliar to them. Role Playing games truly are for everyone, and this event will help introduce these marvelous forms of gaming entertainment to the ATU faculty and staff. This event will start by talking briefly about role playing games, how to play them virtually / online (and eventually face-to-face), and what you need to get started playing. At least half the time for this event will be allotted for answering any questions you might have about these games.
By day, Christopher Housenick, is an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the College of Arts and Humanities.  By night, he organizes a biweekly Dungeons and Dragons group that fights orcs, trolls, and giants while saving the world, one die roll at a time.
WebEx Link for this event:

Mon. May 25 - Summer Well-Being Book Series, 2:30 pm
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz (A Toltec Wisdom Book). ISBN-13: 978-1878424310
The Well-Being Book Series takes place on the last Monday of each month at 2:30pm. We come together and discuss a different book/topic. All our welcome, whether you've read the book or not: there are always interesting conversation and perspectives.
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Fri. May 29 - Making Your Online Courses More Experiential (Academic Impressions webcast), 2:00-3:00 pm
Learn strategies and acquire tools to make your online courses more hands-on. It can be difficult for anyone teaching online—both veterans and newcomers—to design courses that are truly experiential. Ideas for hands-on projects and assignments that work well in an in-person setting don’t always translate neatly online, but with some creativity and the right collection of tools, it’s possible to create dynamic and engaging online courses for students that have learning by doing at their center. Whether you’re an experienced online educator or are brand new to remote instruction, this training will equip you with practical, easy-to-implement strategies that you can use to make your online courses more experiential. We’ll discuss how instructors can bring project- and scenario-based learning into the online space by:
- Matching course content and objectives to the right experiential activities
- Employing pedagogical strategies that are conducive to real-world learning
- Making use of a wider array of tools and technologies
This webcast is free with the institution's subscription to Academic Impressions. Sign up for an account using your ATU email to register under the university's account. You should then be able to register for this webcast. A recording of this webcast will be available on the CETL Blackboard shell about 1 week after May 29.

Sat. May 30 - Bartending with Nate Chapman, 7:00 pm
Join Nate for a virtual bartending course. The course will include a brief history of bartending/mixology, discuss bar basics and how to stock your home bar, mix a classic cocktail, and mix a more modern cocktail using advanced techniques. All you need for the course is vodka and another spirit of your choice, sour mix (see included recipe if you would like to make your own, which is recommended!), a few sprigs of mint and basil, and blueberries and/or raspberries. Dust off your cocktail shaker set, jiggers, muddler, and strainer. If you do not have these items on hand, Nate will show you some alternative ways to mix the cocktails with other items in your kitchen.
Sour Mix Recipe: 1 cup sugar, 1 cup warm water, 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
Tip: If you buy the bulk bag of lemons/limes from the grocery store, juice the entire bag for this recipe. It may be over 1 cup, but you can always add more simple syrup if you prefer a sweeter flavor.
To make the simple syrup, bring the water to a low boil and add the sugar. Turn off the heat and stir until completely melted. Add the syrup to your pitcher/bottle/pouring vessel, then add the lemon and lime juice. Stir until combined. For best flavor and results, chill for several hours or overnight.
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Thurs. June 4 - Ensuring Quality in Online Instruction (Academic Impressions webcast), 12:00-1:00 pm
Take a more strategic approach to incorporating quality metrics into your online instruction. Many institutions have made the decision to continue with online instruction for summer term and in some cases into the fall. On the horizon for many are more fully online or hybrid courses, which will necessitate a focus on quality in online learning that was not previously possible with the rapid transition to remote learning. In this training our expert will share a Quality Matters-inspired checklist that her institution developed to outline quality metrics in three key aspects of online instruction: assignments, testing, and accessibility considerations. As we walk through the checklist, she will offer practical strategies to help you improve quality in each of these specific areas.
This webcast is free with the institution's subscription to Academic Impressions. Sign up for an account using your ATU email to register under the university's account. You should then be able to register for this webcast. A recording of this webcast will be available on the CETL Blackboard shell about 1 week after June 4.

Wed. June 10 - Supporting Adjunct Faculty: A Training for Department Chairs (Academic Impressions webcast), 12:00-1:00 pm
Most academic departments today employ adjunct faculty, but few Chairs are well-versed in the ins and outs of managing them. Adjuncts face unique challenges orienting to and integrating within the department, and as a Chair you must figure out how to support them effectively to ensure maximum productivity and a positive experience for both students and faculty. In this training, our expert will share strategies for successfully supporting adjunct faculty both at the outset of and throughout the semester. You will learn how to:

  • Provide baseline training on department policies, even without a formal orientation
  • Structure touchpoints throughout the semester to build positive relationships and set them up for success
  • Involve adjuncts more meaningfully in departmental decision-making and activities
  • Make challenging conversations productive, including ways to provide meaningful feedback and areas for improvement

This webcast is free with the institution's subscription to Academic Impressions. Sign up for an account using your ATU email to register under the university's account. You should then be able to register for this webcast. A recording of this webcast will be available on the CETL Blackboard shell about 1 week after June 4.

Wed. June 10 - Playing to Learn: Hosting Online Games with iClicker (iClicker online webinar), 1:00-2:00 pm
Connecting with students online is easy when you’re doing something fun together. With iClicker, you can host online games that will help build a sense of community in your classroom while helping students master key concepts. Join iClicker training specialists Natalie Dougall and Lindsey Thomas for a demonstration of the many different types of games you can play with your students during your live class sessions. We hope you join us with a cold beverage, a tasty snack, and will take the opportunity to participate as a “contestant” (aka student) using iClicker Reef.
Click on the title of the webinar to register and get the link to participate.

Thurs. June 11 - Faculty and Staff Gathering: Show and Tell, 6:00 pm
To combat isolation and get to know each other in a relaxed setting, let's gather virtually. The theme of this gathering is "What's a cool object in your house?" Pick one unique/weird/interesting thing you own (doesn't need to be grand) to "show and tell."
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 963 213 9086
Password: 311745

Tues. June 16 - Making Your Course Accessible to All Learners (Academic Impressions webcast), 12:00-1:00 pm
Implementing accessible teaching practices in the online environment can be daunting. Faculty are often not properly trained in these techniques and feel ill-prepared to apply them. However, there are simple steps instructors can take to make any online course more accessible, compliant with federal laws, and appropriate for students with a range of learning styles and abilities.
This webcast will help you take the initial steps needed to create more accessible content, keep accommodations services to a minimum, and minimize the risk for civil rights complaints about inaccessible offerings. You’ll leave with practical ways you can adjust your course design, materials, and instructional methods so as to be more inclusive of all learners.
This webcast is free with the institution's subscription to Academic Impressions. Sign up for an account using your ATU email to register under the university's account. You should then be able to register for this webcast. A recording of this webcast will be available on the CETL Blackboard shell about 1 week after June 16.

Tues. June 16 - An Online Educator's Guide to Using Zoom Features to Enhance Student Interactivity (Magna Publications online seminar), 1:00-2:00 pm
Only a few months ago, educators across the world were plunged into the world of distance learning with very little and often no training whatsoever. As teachers and administrators prepare for the Fall 2020 semester, this Magna Online Seminar will help you keep your online synchronous classroom from being simply lecture-based through a variety of interactive learning techniques that will keep your synchronous classroom buzzing.
Email if you would like to watch this seminar live. Alternatively, a link to the recording of this online seminar will be available on the CETL Blackboard shell about 1 week after June 16.

Thurs. June 18 - Virtual Coffee and Color! Something very simple and fun. Hosted by Holy Ruth Gale, 10:00-10:30 am
What you need:

WebEx link for this event: 

Thurs. June 18 - The Role of Higher Education in Times of Crisis: Healing Strategies for Educators (Magna Publications online seminar), 1:00-2:00 pm
Colleges and universities have a long-standing role in advancing civil discourse. How can we lead our communities in a meaningful and healing way when we are geographically displaced and relying on remote, online communication? For academic leaders and faculty who are challenged with effective communication during a time of social unrest, this free Magna Online Seminar provides direction for leaders to provide healing, helping, education, and engagement.

Wed. June 24 - Principles of Budgeting: A Training for Department Chairs (Academic Impressions webcast), 12:00-1:00 pm
Newly appointed chairs often have little experience in creating and managing department budgets, but it is a key component to the success of their academic programs. Chairs can begin to make sense of this important and sometimes enigmatic task by understanding their role as budget managers, the basic principles behind departmental budgets and how to work within existing systems to manage resources effectively.
Join us for a training that will provide you with the core principles you need to understand and manage your department’s budget. Our expert has 4 years of experience managing complex budgets that include operating budgets, fundraising, faculty salaries/raises, and scholarships, and will walk you through considerations related to both people and process:

  • What is expected of me when it comes to the budget, and what is the role of my academic staff?
  • What questions should I ask on the front end to understand the parameters and state of my current budget?
  • How should I organize my budget allocations based on the characteristics and needs of my department?
  • Where can I go to ask for more resources should I require them?

Mon. June 29 - Summer Well-Being Book Series, 2:30 pm
Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele. ISBN-13: 978-0974470641



Mon. July 13 and Tues. July 14 - REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit (hosted by Arizona State University), 12:00 - 4:00 pm and 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit provides a forum to identify and promote the best possible pedagogy, techniques and tools by faculty for online and blended learning and to help faculty design the most engaging experience for learners. Hosted by Arizona State University, REMOTE is an independent conference supported by the ASU Foundation.

Thurs. July 16 - From classroom to virtual: How to create meaningful online learning experiences (Cisco Webex webinar), 5:00 pm
Join the movement that is transforming education as we know it and don’t get left behind! Our guest speakers have been either teaching or supporting students and professors and have successfully transitioned to a fully virtual education system. They will talk about strategies and success stories as well as the challenges faced during this period.
Besides Q&A, you will have an opportunity to share your experience with the rapid shift to Virtual due to COVID19.

Thurs. July 23 - Going Virtual: Using iClicker Assignments for Active Learning Anytime (Macmillan Learning webinar), 1:00 pm
This fall, instructors will be tasked with engaging students in a variety of different formats—while delivering courses online, in-person, at a scheduled class time or even asynchronously. No matter if your classroom is virtual or face-to-face, though, we’re here to help keep active learning at the forefront with our new Assignments functionality. iClicker’s new Assignments feature allows you to engage students with pre-authored questions that they can work through at their own pace. Instructors can use assignments to gather feedback, promote participation, and provide lightweight student assessment. Best of all, students can still feel like they are an active participant in their courses from various locales and on their own time. Join this webinar for a tour of the new Assignments functionality and learn how simple it is to start using immediately.
Can’t join us live? Register anyway! We'll send you the recording to view at your own convenience.

Sun. July 26-Sun. Aug. 2 - Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020 - Digital Pedagogy Lab is an annual learning and teaching event held at University of Colorado Denver. The event was established in 2015 as an opportunity to provide in-depth dialogue and practical experience to educators working in under-theorized digital learning spaces. Critical pedagogy forms the foundation of our approach at Digital Pedagogy Lab, and the foundation of the pedagogies that we advocate. The Lab has always been primarily concerned with the facility of online and digital learning, and especially with the ways that educational technology and instructional design make space for, or do not make space for, student agency and liberative pedagogies. As the Lab has continued to grow, our focus has widened to include issues of access, disability, equity, student rights, teacher agency, and the representation of unheard and silenced voices in education.
Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020 will be hosted by the University of Colorado Denver, in collaboration with the School of Education and Human Development. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be gathering in online spaces. Registered participants will be invited to join discussions, collaborate on projects, and learn together with DPL faculty. This year's event will feature special guest workshops, and key notes from Jose Vilson and Jesse Stommel.

Mon. July 27 - Summer Well-Being Book Series, 2:30 pm
Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey to Herself by Judith Duerk. ISBN-13: 978-1880913635

Tues. July 28 - Learning from Pandemic Pedagogy: Best Practices for a Quick and Inclusive Transition to Online Teaching (Magna Publications online seminar), 1:00-2:00 pm
For faculty transitioning to online delivery due to pandemic-related university policies who are looking for guidance in good teaching practices in this uncertain environment, this Magna Online Seminar will assist in pedagogy for course conversion as well as help with inclusive practices that might have been overlooked at first.