Frequently Asked Questions


How much is tuition?

Tuition is ZERO! All the training at Arkansas Tech University Career Center is available at no cost to students or parents.

How do I arrange transportation to the Career Center?

Transportation by school bus is provided from a students home high school to the Career Center campus for students to attend the programs at the main campus. Students who are attending classes in cosmetology or at the medical professions satellite at Danville provide their own transportation.

Do these classes count for high school graduation credit?

Yes! All classes in all programs of study at the Career Center count as elective credit on a students high school transcript.In fact, first year classes count as two credits and second year classes count as three credits.

Do any of these classes get credit at colleges?

Yes! Many of the programs of study at the Career Center give students an opportunity to earn concurrent college credit at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus.

Do you have any programs where I can go to work at a job during the school day?

Yes! Students in several programs of study at the Career Center have the opportunity to go to work through our School to Work program. These positions are for second year students and are for those students who work hard and qualify to be placed in the workforce.

When can I come?

Most programs of study at Career Center can be started by students in the 10th grade. However, Cosmetology and Culinary Arts cannot be started until the 11th grade.

Any other questions? Contact Pat Edmunds, Career Center Director, at