Health Science Technology - Career Center

Students in this program study the human body in both structure and function in anatomy and physiology. Students learn medical terminology and pathology. 

Second year students focus on pharmacology and phlebotomy. They study medical procedures, such as CPR and First Aid certification, infection control, patient assessment, vital signs, health care technology and nursing assisting.

After completion of specific curriculum, students will have the opportunity to spend 16 hours at local nursing homes performing clinicals and have the opportunity to earn a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification. Students who complete this program of study offered at the Career Center will receive 20 college credits from Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus and a Certificate of Proficiency in Allied Health or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Students also have the potential to obtain their pharmacy tech certification, phlebotomy certification or emergency medical technician certification.

Any health professional is in great demand in the current job market. Bring your caring hearts and capable minds and join us!

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 Jessica Thompson  Leslie Jenkins

Jessica Thompson

Leslie Jenkins