Writing Effective Outcomes:


Check your understanding of outcomes.

Read the following sample outcomes and then answer the questions below. 

"Learners" are the audience for the first two. The tutoring center is the audience or focus for the last outcome.
  • compare aspects of learning and operational outcomes.
  • explain the three most important aspects of writing effective outcomes.
  • Increase tutoring sessions.

These are specific and can be measured. 

For the first two, learning is demonstrated after completing the lesson. For the last, achievement would be measured after the next academic year. 
For the operational outcome, the answer is pretty straight-forward; increase by 20%. What's your guess for the first two outcomes? Take a look at our Bloom's Action Verbs list to help answer this question. 



When you pass the quiz for this module, you will receive a professional development certificate. But before you take the quiz, review what you've learned. 

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Module Learning Objectives

This training module wil help you to: 

  • What is the purpose for each type of outcome?
  • refresh your understanding here.
  • Who is the audience of learning outcomes?
  • What is the focus of operational outcomes? 
  • What is the main take-away for writing outcomes both types of outcomes?
  • refresh your understanding here.



When you're ready, follow the unit link below to take the quiz. 




Writing Effective Outcomes

  1. What are Outcomes?
  2. SMART Goals
  3. Bloom's Taxonomy
  4. Bloom's Verbs
  5. Review
  6. Quiz