Frequently Asked Questions


Who is allowed to apply for and come to AGS?

How much does AGS cost?

What is the dress code?

What kinds of things can I do outside of classes?

When will weekly calendars of events be released?

What is a typical day like at AGS?

Where do I live during AGS?  Will I have a roommate?  How are roommates assigned?

When will course descriptions be released?

Will I be allowed to leave campus?  Can I go off campus to shop and eat?

How can my parent add names to my "List of Approved Persons Allowed to Check Student Out of AGS?"

Can I drive myself to and from AGS?

Can I have visitors while at AGS?

What should I bring to AGS?

Can I bring my computer/laptop/tablet or cellular/smartphone device to AGS?

Where do I eat during AGS?

What health care facilities are available at AGS?

Can I smoke or drink alcohol at AGS?  Can I bring illegal drugs to AGS?

Are there laundry facilities available?

Are there kitchens in the residence halls?

Do I get any kind of credit for attending AGS?

How are AGS students kept safe and secure?

What do I do if I lose my room key or ID badge?

Is there an AGS Lost and Found?

Where is the AGS Office?  How do I contact the AGS Office?

For more information:

Talk to AGS alumni at your school;
Talk to a GT coordinator, counselor, teacher, or principal at your school;
Visit the AGS website at;
Contact the Arkansas Department of Education, Office of Gifted and Talented, at (501) 682-4224.