Academics Overview

We've Perfected the Formula

With enrollment reaching nearing 12,000 students for the 2017-2018 school year and a student to instructor ratio of 18 to 1, Arkansas Tech University has the best of both worlds — big school amenities and small college attention. It’s the formula for your academic success.

And we’ve refined that formula here at ATU.

Imagine a college with enough clout to be listed among the top 1 percent of nursing schools in the eastern US by “Nursing Journal.” Imagine a school with enough heft to be ranked by “Affordable Colleges Online” as the No 1 online education provider in Arkansas. Imagine a university with the intellectual authority required to provide more STEM field degrees to Arkansas high school graduates than any other university in the state over the past five years. Imagine this powerhouse of a university consistently graduating students at a top-3 rate among colleges in Arkansas.

You just imagined Arkansas Tech University.  


Getting from point A as an eager undergraduate to point B as a successful graduate is easier with guides-helping hands who know the way forward. Arkansas Tech University's philosophy about how to achieve success as a student and a graduate is grounded in ensuring that you have a ample support along your journey.


    Academic Coaching is a free program that allows students to meet one-on-one with an Academic Coach to discuss their academic goals and to develop a customized plan for success. Students typically meet for thirty minutes a week with a coach to develop their study habits, time management skills, and more.

    The APEX Tutoring Center offers free, one-on-one peer tutoring services in many subjects, including mathematics, biology, chemistry, English, and accounting. 

    We can broaden your scope of understanding with studies abroad in Dublin, London, Germany, Austria or Spain, just to name a few, or experience different cultures right on campus from international ATU students who represent 42 countries.

    Career services programs can help you land that job or internship that can make all the difference on a resumé, and numerous leadership programs can help shape your future as a mover and shaker after graduation. 


Our Faculty

Our faculty are teachers, scholars, and leaders in their industry. At ATU, we have over 500 full-time or part-time faculty members who are here to guide you


The Arkansas Tech faculty are experts in their field. Of our full-time faculty, 77% have their doctorate or terminal degree. And with an 18 to 1 student to instructor ratio, they’ll have the time to provide you with personal attention and advice. 


Our faculty are leaders in their field. This summer, Arkansas Tech faculty published books, met with the state legislature to share their research findings and received multiple awards from several organizations.


Our faculty are on the cutting edge of research in their areas. Last year Arkansas Tech received more than $4.6 million dollars to conduct research in a variety of fields. If you’re interested, many faculty members are excited to partner with students on research.


At ATU, service is at the core of being a faculty member. Here, you’ll find our faculty are more than just a teacher in a classroom. You’ll see them serving as club advisors, Bridge to Excellence mentors, move-in volunteers and much more.