College of Business Organizations

Accounting Club

President, Kayla Dyson,

Faculty Advisor, Dr. Pam Carr,


Co-Presidents, Ashley Green, & Skylar Combs,

Faculty advisor, Alice Batch,

Society for Human Resource Management

President, Marqeus Ennett,

Faculty Advisor, Dr. Loretta Cochran,

Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council was formed to give the College of Business contacts in the professional business community to garner their insights, seek their support, and solicit their feedback. Members were recruited that have a connection to Arkansas Tech either as an alumnus, share the same community, or an employer of Tech College of Business graduates. The group meets twice a year to listen to College updates and to offer the Dean feedback and ideas that would move the College forward.

College Committees

Committee members and Chairs are appointed by the Dean of the College with the advice of the Associate Dean. The Chair of each committee is responsible for arranging for the Dean to meet with the committee early in each fall semester. The primary purpose of this meeting is to discuss the group's activities and goals for the forthcoming year.Each standing committee is to make minutes of each meeting available via electronic means (Sedona) to the faculty no later than two weeks following committee meetings.

Dean's Leadership Class

The Dean's Leadership Class offers College of Business juniors and seniors an opportunity to excel in their leadership development through self-exploration and assessment of strengths. Several opportunities will be provided for professional development and networking, such as attend and assist in events within the College of Business as well as implement a service project outside of the institution. Dean's Leadership Class members who would like to be paired with a professional within their field of interest will also have the opportunity to be part of a mentor program.

Student Organizations

College of Business organizations play a major role in the College of Business at Arkansas Tech University. These organizations give students an opportunity to expand and enhance their educational experience as well as to improve their social life and entrepreneurial skills.