Dean's Leadership Class

The Dean's Leadership Class is a privilege to those who are accepted into the class. It provides the opportunity to be a leader within the college, community, and eventually career. This class is a great resume builder offering a competitive advantage when launching a career.
DLC Group Pic Edited

  2013-14 Dean's Leadership Class

Riki Aljunaidi   Travis Allen   Molly Bennett
                              Riki Aljunaidi              Travis Allen               Molly Bennett
Burke Broadfoot   Jacob Brown   Anh Bui    
                       Burke Broadfoot             Jacob Brown                 Anh Bui        
Jared Cagle   Ben Colbert   Ashton Coleman
                             Jared Cagle                Ben Colbert            Ashton Coleman
Josh Crane   Tim Deatherage   Bruce Edwards  
                            Josh Crane               Tim Deatherage           Bruce Edwards
Matt Fracek   Maggie Good   Corey Mitchell
                              Matt Fracek               Maggie Good            Corey Mitchell
Megan Phelps   Kyle Pope   Taylor Potts
                            Megan Phelps                Kyle Pope                  Taylor Potts
Kayla Potts   Ryan Scantling   Cody Seaber
                             Kayla Potts               Ryan Scantling               Cody Seaber
Jonathan Smith   Amanda Trammell   Christy Villanueva
                          Jonathan Smith       Amanda Trammell      Christy Villanueva
Brack Walsh   Brittany Webb   Kendall Werner
                              Brack Walsh            Brittany Webb            Kendall Werner
Aaron West    Dillon Wynn    Nick Mann
                             Aaron West                Dillon Wynn                   Nick Mann

2012-13 Dean's Leadership Class
Justin Baugh  RBowlin Courtney Brazier
  Justin Baugh                           Ryan Bowlin                       Courtney Brazier
Danielle Brazier Lisa Chaffin Lauryn Cheek
  Danielle Brazier                     Lisa Chaffin                             Lauryn Cheek
Alli Dodd Colton Dillard Lindsey Falkenstein
       Alli Dodd                              Colton Dillard                     Lindsey Falkenstein
Matthew Ferren Bryan Ferguson Brooke Gardener
 Matthew Ferren                     Bryan Ferguson                     Brooke Gardener
Luis Gioilli Dallas Gipson Bobby Goins
  Luis Gioielli                            Dallas Gipson                             Bobby Goins
Lili He Emily Hester Joel Hobbs
      Lili He                                      Emily Hester                           Joel Hobbs  
Caitlan Holland Jim Kennedy Pang Lee
Caitlin Holland                           Jim Kennedy                            Pang Lee
Nancy McNew Courtney Peachey Isis Pedersen
 Nancy McNew                   Courtney Peachey                   Isis Pedersen
Amanda Smith Paige Smith Amanda Sparks 
    Amanda Smith                            Paige Smith                           Amanda Sparks
Chad Stewart Brittney Stout Maria Underwood
          Chad Stewart                          Brittney Stout                   Maria Underwood
Cheyenne Walls Brandi Willett Joel Wineland
 Cheyenne Walls                         Brandi Willett                      Joel Wineland
Dean's Leadership Class Application