watsonArkansas Tech University: “a student-centered university of choice”. This is our vision. More than one hundred years of academic excellence which began as the Second District Agricultural School in 1909 has evolved into a comprehensive, regional, state supported SREB level three institution. Besides the institutional accreditation of the Higher Learning Commission, Tech possesses numerous program accreditations, and our goal is to have each program for which there is an accrediting body to attain that accreditation. Other goals identified through our strategic planning involve retention and graduation rates, assessment, distance education, and faculty/staff development. 

Along with our excellent faculty, I am trying to increase emphasis on student research, interdisciplinary activities, and global awareness. If we can prepare our students to think creatively and interact with other disciplines in a global environment, then we will have prepared them well.  

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John Watson, EdD
Professor of Mathematics
Vice-president for Academic Affairs
jwwatson@atu.edu; 479-968-0319