Graduate Student Profiles

  Tyler Bell  
Ruthann Clements Ruthann Clements
  • M.L.A. Communications
  • Hometown: Lowell, AR
  • Undergraduate degree: Enlglish, Arkansas Tech University
  • I'm fascinated by literature; specifically female authors and the way literature has changed over the years. 
Chad Hall Chad Hall
  • M.L.A. Communications
  • Hometown: Silaom Springs, AR
  • Undergraduate Degree: BA in English Education and BFA in Creative Writing, Arkansas Tech University
  • With my bachelor degrees being in education and creative writing, those two areas encompass a large portion of my interests within the English and language arts fields. Additional academic interests include historigraphical perspectives in literature, both fiction and non-fiction, the presentation of women, minorities, and non-conforming beings in media, and film studies.

  Gracie Ham
  • M.A. English/TESOL
Katherine Price Katherine Price
  • M.L.A Communications
  • Hometown: Morrilton, AR
  • Undergraduate Degree: English Education, Arkansas Tech University
  • My academic interests include history, linguistics, and East Asian studies. I am also studying Japanese in my free time. 
Mackenzie Simpson Mackenzie Simpson
  • M.A. English
  • Hometown: Lonoke, AR
  • Undergraduate Degree: English with a minor in Biology, Arkansas Tech University