StarLab: Portable Planetarium


StarLab: Portable Planetarium

    "StarLab is the first truly portable planetarium invented back in 1977 by Philip Sadler and his class of middle school students in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Today StarLab is the most widely used planetarium in the world. It continues to provide a universe of opportunity to many people who previously did not have access. StarLab is the product of the efforts of many different people: students, educators, family members, and friends. Many have seen the promise of portable planetaria, and these teachers, museum educators, university professors, and school administrators have helped to guide and influence the development of StarLab, its supporting materials and the unique ways it has come to be used in schools and museums around the world." - StarLab Website

The STEM Institute is one of the few places in the state of Arkansas that has a StarLab that is available for check out. We have the classic dome that fits about 25 students at a time. 

The fee for check out is $250 with an Operator. If a teacher has been trained the fee is $100. (Fee is used for upkeep & general maintenance on the StarLab). To check out the StarLab a teacher must be trained or a trained facilitator must be present to aid in presenting and setup/take down of the StarLab. 

The STEM Institute offers trainings for teachers & facilitators (ADE approved PD hours for trainings). Dates will be provided on the main page or please contact Corey Adaire.

To request the StarLab for checkout please fill out the form here or contact the STEM Institute.