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Transfer Scholarships


Transfer Academic Scholarship Policies

Applying for Scholarships

  • For scholarship consideration, you must have a Transfer Scholarship application, an application for undergraduate admission and transcripts from all colleges you have attended by the scholarship deadline.

  • Students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and/or Arkansas Academic All-Stars should provide documentation to prior to the scholarship deadline.

  • For scholarship consideration, a minimum of 12 for-credit hours must be transferred from the most recent regionally accredited college or university.  Concurrent credit earned in high school cannot be used for Transfer Scholarship consideration.
  • Students may receive only one Transfer Scholarship in any semester.

  • Scholarship recipients must live in a residence hall OR receive an exemption to the residency requirements from the Residence Life Office in accordance with established university policy. Recipients are responsible for making on-campus housing arrangements.


  • All transfer academic scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.

  • An applicant must be a transfer student seeking a first Bachelor's degree and admitted as an undergraduate on the Russellville campus to be considered for an award.

  • Students receiving academic scholarships must be U.S. citizens or Resident Aliens.

  • All hours must be at the undergraduate level. 

  • Scholarships are awarded for consecutive fall and spring terms only and do not cover summer terms.


Out-of-State Information

Applicants who live in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas are considered in-state for tuition purposes. A limited number of out-of-state scholarship awards are made to applicants who live outside of Arkansas and its contiguous states.

After you've applied

Once awarded, all scholarship recipients must be admitted on the Russellville campus and enrolled in a minimum of fifteen hours with either housing charges OR an exemption to the housing policy on file before a scholarship will be credited to a student's account.

Scholarship Renewal

Tech Transfer, Phi Theta Kappa, Presidential Honors, Arkansas Academic All-Star, and Transition Scholarships are renewable for five consecutive semesters after the first or until the completion of an undergraduate degree, whichever comes first, provided the student maintains all scholarship renewal requirements.

Students who receive scholarship awards are responsible for knowing the renewal requirements to maintain the scholarships.

View Scholarship Renewal Requirements

Scholarship Stacking

Scholarship awards are subject to Arkansas Department of Higher Education Scholarship Stacking Policy, Arkansas Act 1180 of 1999.

To remain in compliance with Act 323 of 2009, the University reserves the right to cancel or modify any scholarship funded by the institution at any time.