Check-Out Process for Residents 

Follow instructions below for a smooth process and to avoid incurring housing fines for lost keys, trash, room cleanliness, removal of abandoned property, etc.


Date: Residence Halls close on May 8, 2024 at NOON.

Students needing to stay between May 8 at noon - May 12 at noon must apply for extended stay and set a check out appointment between May 8-12

* Not an End of Year check out? Check outs due to reasons other than end of year must submit a contract cancellation through the housing portal and then follow check out steps below.

End of Year check out Steps

Important: Failure to follow any of these steps may cause residents to incur the following fees

  • Improper check out ($75): if not setting up a check out appointment 
  • Lock & key change fees ($65): if key is lost or not returned at the time of check out
  • Leaving without checking out and not returning keys ($140): Improper check out ($75) plus lock change ($65) 

Step 1: Set check out appointment through housing portal

  • Appointments open for selection on April 08 at 12pm and close at 1pm for the following day
  • Appointments start:
    • April 22 and end May 08 for students not in extended stay
    • May 09 and end May 12 for students in extended stay
  • How to set an appointment:
    • Log into housing portal
    • Click on Appointments
    • Select Spring 2024 Check Out Appointments
      • Follow instructions to set up appointment 
      • To change appointment, go back to selection page, cancel, and set up a new appointment

Step 2: Prior to your appointment, remove personal items and clean your room

  • Remove personal items
  • Clean out drawers
  • Wipe off surfaces
  • Sweep all areas
  • Clean bathroom and shower (if living in suite or apartment)
  • Take out trash

Step 3: A staff member will meet you at your room at the time of your check out appointment 

  • Before staff member meets you, remove all personal items from room and leave open all drawers and cabinet doors.
  • A staff member will review every space in your room/suite/apartment for cleanliness and damages. See cost of damages here.
  • If anything changes with your selected appointment time, please contact the RA on call number posted for your building

Step 4: Return all keys to Staff Member to avoid additional fees 

  • Hand keys to RA to avoid incurring lock change fees ($65.00). 

Step 5: Scan code from RA to complete check out

  • Complete and submit.

Need to mail back your keys?

Keys must be mailed within a week of having left the room. After that key and lock replacement fees will apply.

  • Keys must be mailed within a week of having left the room to avoid key and lock replacement fees.
  • Residents can mail their key back to Residence Life following the specifications listed below. 
  • Residence Life is not responsible for returned keys that are lost in the mail.  
    1. Key must be sent Certified Mail or FedEx. 
    2. Key must be placed in a sturdy envelope that cannot be easily damaged by the keys inside. It is recommended to utilize a bubble mailer/envelope.  
    3. Keys lost in transit are the responsibility of the resident. Failure to return your keys may result in additional charges for lock changes and key replacements. 
    4. Key must be mailed to: 

Arkansas Tech University Department of Residence Life 
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 153
1605 Coliseum Drive 
Russellville, AR 72801