Living Learning Communities are specialized living environments connected to co-curricular activities that enhance participants overall academic experience. Participants are connected to their peers through shared common interest/major, same building/floor, and enroll in the same course associated with their specific LLC.


To collectively enhance and support the missions of the institution by providing co-curricular experiences that enrich learning and academic performance through curriculum driven programs and intentional interactions.


Our Living Learning Communities will help participants progress towards their academic goals and build meaningful campus connections.

*Participants who commit to participating in this program may be asked to move in early and participate in an LLC transition to college experience.


  1. If accepted, you get priority placement in LLC building or floor
  2. Specially designed courses for each LLC and participants take same course(s) together during spring and fall
  3. Statistically proven to help students transition better to college both personally and academically
  4. Dedicated faculty and staff to design out of the classroom experiences to apply learning
  5. Establish strong relationships with faculty and develop lifelong friendships
  6. Unique exclusive opportunities:
    • Major specific programs and services, conference attendance opportunities, study abroad opportunities, travel away, LLC specific tutors, faculty access, specialty labs, connections to alumni and potential career opportunities/internships (exclusive opportunities vary from LLC to LLC)