Transfer Credit Accepted by ATU


Arkansas Tech University accepts college level credits from approved accrediting institutions as either direct equivalent or general elective credit.



The Transfer Equivalency System is intended to be used as an unofficial guide to assist prospective students in reviewing course transferability at Arkansas Tech. Official transferability decisions are made by Arkansas Tech upon admission and the receipt of official transcripts.

The Transfer Equivalency System is not an absolute list of all transferable coursework. If a course does not appear in the system that does not necessarily mean it is not transferable. If you don't see the school you are transferring from below, you can utilize our Transfer Tracker to determine if your credits will transfer. The system is dynamic and is continually updated as courses are reviewed. Some disciplines will prefer different requirements and/or may substitute equivalencies for their program. While this data is as accurate and current as possible, Arkansas Tech retains the right to revise a transfer credit evaluation.

If you need help accessing the information provided in the Transfer Equivalency System, please contact the Office of the Registrar Transfer team at