Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




General and Registration Questions

How do I change my major?

Graduate students wanting to change their program will need to contact the Graduate College.

Freshman who have not yet registered for classes can email to have their major changed.


Registered undergraduate students who want to change their major can follow the steps below.

A complete list of undergraduate degree programs can be found here.

To change your major:

1. Log in to OneTech.
2. Find the "Major Change" card.  (Hint: If you don't see the card you can locate it by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left, click "Discover" and search for "Major change.")
3. Click the green "Changing Your Major" sign.
4. Complete the Major Change Form.
5. Monitor your ATU email address for confirmation of your major change.

PDF Major Change Instructions

Your new advisor assignment will be reflected in the Academic Information card of OneTech once the department assigns a new advisor.

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How do I obtain in-state residency for tuition?

View the Requirements for Reclassification. If you meet the criteria and can provide the required four documents of "good faith" you will submit that evidence along with the Application for In-State Residency to the Office of the Registrar at Visit our Residency and Reclassification page for more information.

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I had a bad semester. Is there a forgiveness policy?


In accordance with Act 1000 of 1991, an undergraduate student who has previously attended Arkansas Tech University may apply to have the grades and credits earned for one or more consecutive terms or semesters removed from his/her grade point average provided the following criteria are met.

After re-entering Tech following a separation of at least three years, a student may request academic clemency at the Office of the Registrar. The student must specify the term or consecutive terms for which academic clemency is desired. The period of separation may be waived in the case of impending graduation. Academic clemency may be granted only one time and is irreversible. If the request is approved, Academic Clemency will cover all credits earned during the term or terms for which academic clemency is requested. The student’s complete record will remain on the transcript with the added notation of “academic clemency granted” and the effective date.

Academic clemency does not restore eligibility for student financial aid, scholarships or athletic eligibility.

Repeat Policy

Students may repeat courses they have taken at Arkansas Tech University for the purpose of grade point adjustments (1) only by re-enrolling in the same courses at Arkansas Tech University and (2) subject to the following provisions. For repeated courses, only the grade from the best attempt of the repeated course is calculated into a student’s cumulative grade point although all grades and all attempts are recorded on the student’s academic record. Students may not repeat a course in which the highest grade possible has already been earned. Adjustments to cumulative grade points are not made for courses transferred from other colleges or universities.

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How do I change my name and/or gender?

To change your name and/or gender complete the Name/Personal Information Change form located on the forms page and submit it electronically to

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How do I order a transcript?

Options for getting transcripts are listed below.

NOTE: Official transcripts are not issued unless all obligations to the University are satisfied.

Official transcripts may be requested online for electronic or express paper delivery through Parchment, Arkansas Tech University's transcript partner.

Sending your transcript to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) for your lottery scholarship? Do not order your transcript using this method. Please submit your transcript request using the instructions in the next category and we will send your transcript through ADHE's new portal.

Official transcripts can be delivered to any valid email address via secure certified PDF.  The recipient is notified by email to download the PDF transcript from a secure website.  You can attach electronic files to your order.  PDF transcripts are $7.91 per official copy payable by credit card only. 

Official paper transcripts may be requested online for delivery by USPS first class mail or express shipping. You have the option to attach electronic files to your order which will be enclosed with your mailed transcript. The cost for paper delivery are:

USPS - Standard - $10.41
USPS - International - $13.31
FedEx Overnight Domestic - $39.91 (FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes)
FedEx Express International - $65.91 (FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes)

NOTE: Payment will appear as Parchment on the credit card statement.

Click here to request a transcript

Official paper transcripts may be requested free of charge. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. TRANSCRIPTS CANNOT BE FAXED - for quicker delivery, please use the Electronic PDF or Express Paper Delivery method.  Official transcripts are not issued unless all obligations to the University are satisfied. If a request is received but a transcript cannot be released, your transcript will not be issued and you will be notified by mail.

Click here for Transcript Request Form

You may submit the signed transcript request form OR the following required information:

  • full name (including all maiden, married and previous names)
  • mailing address and phone number
  • date of birth
  • number of transcripts requested
  • name and complete mailing address to which we are to send transcript(s)
  • your signature must be handwritten, no electronic signatures will be accepted (if you are sending an email, the email coming from
  • your OneTech account serves as your signature)
  • student T-number (if known)

via mail, fax, or email to:

Arkansas Tech University
Office of the Registrar
Brown Hall, Suite 307
105 West O Street
Russellville, AR 72801
Fax: 479-968-0683

  • Current students can acquire an unofficial transcript by logging into OneTech and doing the following:

  • Locate the "Registration Information" card. (Hint: If you don't see the card you can locate it by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left, click "Discover" and search for "Registration Information.")  tab
  • Click "Registration Resources" in the Registration Information card.
  • Click "Unofficial Transcript" (the sixth link in that drop down menu).
  • Select the level.
  • Click Submit.

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How much does a transcript cost?

A transcript is free if picked up in office or mailed from the university. If you request an electronic copy from our third party service Parchment there is a $7.91 fee. Express paper delivery is also available through Parchment at the prices listed below:
USPS - Standard - $10.41
USPS - International - $13.16
FedEx Overnight Domestic - $37.91 (FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes)
FedEx Express International - $55.41 (FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes)

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How do I get an enrollment verification?


To conveniently serve our students, and those companies / organizations needing enrollment / degree awarded data, Arkansas Tech University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for around the clock verification accessibility.

Students may print an enrollment verification certificate located on the "Registration Information" card under the "Registration Quick Links" in OneTech.  *Note: this service is not available until after the term has started.  In the meantime you can request your Enrollment Verification through this form.

Third Party Organizations

Companies or Organizations can obtain information by selecting a link below to be redirected to the National Student Clearinghouse website.

Current Enrollment Verification

Degree / Past Enrollment Verification

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note that the Clearinghouse is not able to process verifications requiring academic (GPA) information. These requests must be processed through the Registrar's Office, and must include written authorization from the student.

You may also contact the Clearinghouse by:
Telephone: (703) 742-4200
Fax: (703) 742-4239

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I am an international student. How do I get an enrollment or degree verification?

International Students required to submit enrollment verification or degree verification letters may request those letters by completing this International Letter Request.

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Who is my advisor?

Your advisor is the person you meet with to discuss major-related issues, register for classes, or connect you with campus resources.

If an advisor is assigned, the advisor will be listed in the Advisor Information card in OneTech. 

If you do not have an advisor assigned you can contact your department. Freshman and newly admitted students with 60 or fewer hours, can contact the Academic Advising Center (479-964-0850, Students with more than 60 earned hours should contact the  department of their major. Find your department contact information here:

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How to I add/drop classes?


Registration is open two times a year. Registration for summer, fall, and winter intersession terms opens in March, and registration for spring term opens in October. Students must consult with an academic advisor before registering for classes. 


You can continue to add courses and make schedule changes through the last day to add according to the Academic Calendar for full-term courses or the date advertised for a condensed course.

Drop Classes or Withdraw

  • Students with financial aid (loans, grants, and/or scholarships) MUST contact the Office of Financial Aid before dropping courses.
  • Students who are international, participate in athletics, receive Veteran's benefits, or are pending graduation should contact the respective office before requesting a drop.
    -International Students: or (479) 964-0832
    -Athletics: or (479) 498-6071
    -Veterans: or (479) 968-0445
    -Graduation Office: or (479) 968-0272

Submit the "Drop Classes or Withdraw" request form, or access the form following the instructions below.

  1. Log in to OneTech using your OneTech ID and password.
  2. Locate the "Registration Information" card. (Hint: If you don't see the card you can locate it by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left, click "Discover" and search for "Registration Information.") 
  3. In the Registration Quick Links menu select "Drop Classes or Withdraw."
  4. Select the appropriate term.
  5. Click "Request Drop or Withdraw" and then click "Create New Drop/Withdrawal Request."
  6. Select the course(s) you wish to drop and click continue.
  7. Thoroughly read all information boxes and click continue.
  8. Complete the survey and click submit to complete your drop request. You will get a submission status screen if it is submitted correctly and an email from once the request is approved or denied, so monitor your ATU email account.

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Where can I get my registration pin?

Academic Departments can choose to distribute registration pins to their advises or not. If your department distributes pins you can get your pin from your advisor.

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How do I know if a class is online, or what does this section number mean?

Every course at Arkansas Tech has four parts. A CRN, Subject, Course number, and Section Number.


70123 PSY 2003 TC1


If a course is an online course it will have a section number TC1, TC2, etc.

Here is a further breakdown of all section numbers and what they mean.

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Can I get grades or grade point average information over the phone?

Grades and grade point averages are never released over the telephone, because we cannot guarantee the person's identity on the telephone.

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Can someone else request a transcript for me?

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we require the student's signature before releasing non-directory information. If you wish for someone else to be given your transcript, our office will need a written request from you stating that the individual has your permission to get the transcript. This request must be signed by you (or sent via your email address). You will need to state the individual's name in the request. The individual will need to bring his/her picture ID.

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Can I view my child's grades and/or get their transcript?

We do not release student records to anyone but the student without written consent from the student. (Please see previous question, "Can someone else request a transcript for me?"

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Transfer Questions

How do I know if my courses will transfer?

ATU will recognize transfer credit from institutions approved by U.S. regional accreditation associations.  Transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit by the Registrar's Office.  The Registrar's Office will determine the articulation of courses satisfying general education requirements and will auto-articulate credit from any institution with which ATU has a formal Memorandum of Understanding regarding transfer credit.  Your academic advisor (assigned by the department of your major) will determine which credits count toward your degree requirements and how and if those hours can be used toward your degree requirements, with final approval from the department head and dean of the college in which your major resides.

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How can I find out how my credits will transfer?

You can determine how your credits will transfer by utilizing our Transfer Tracker.

Transfer Tracker

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When will my transfer credit be posted?

We strive to get your transfer credit posted to your ATU account as quickly as possible. We ask for up to two weeks to see your transfer credit applied to your account.

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Where can I send my transcripts?

Arkansas Tech University
Office of Admission & Student Recruitment
Brown Hall, Suite 104
105 West O Street
Russellville AR 72801-2222

Or by email:

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Does my academic advisor have access to my transfer transcript?

Yes, advisors have access to all transfer transcripts the university has received in AppXtender.

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Can I get a copy of my transferred transcript from ATU?

We do not distribute another schools transcripts because they are not ours to give. Additionally, when we receive your transcript we evaluate them. In evaluating the transcripts, we make notations on them making them no longer official.

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Will my grade point average from my transfer institution count at ATU?

Grades for transfer credit will appear on the Tech transcript as TA, TB, TC, TW, etc. Transfer grades are not calculated in your ATU cumulative grade point average. All grades may be used when reviewing admission, graduation, or aide requirements.

Your grade point average will only consist of courses completed at Arkansas Tech.

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I passed an exam and got credit for class(es) at my transfer institution. Why didn't it transfer?

We do not award credit earned by exam or institutional credit from transfer transcripts. You may submit official qualifying AP, CLEP, and IB score reports or readable copies embossed by your high school to the Office of Admissions. Students who have earned International Baccalaureate (IB) credit should submit their IB transcript for evaluation.

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Can I receive credit for my military experience?

Military experience could be worth up to 30 college credits. The Registrar's office will review your official JST or DD214 to determine how many credits can be awarded for your military experience.

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Graduation Questions

How do I apply to graduate?

Students who have met the following criteria will be able to file their intent to graduate application through Degree Works and Self-Service:

Whenever you have met the above criteria for your respective degree a check box will appear in your Degree Works audit with a link to the application for graduation.  For more information on how to apply you can follow the instructions here.


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When should I apply for graduation?

You should apply for graduation a year prior to you anticipated graduation date. Graduation application deadlines are posted on the academic calendar.

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I'm a summer graduate. When do I participate in a commencement ceremony?


For summer graduates, Arkansas Tech has a spring commencement ceremony in May and a fall commencement ceremony in December. No commencement ceremony is held during the summer.

The March 1 deadline is the deadline for the production of the spring commencement program. Should you choose to participate in the May commencement ceremony after March 1 your name will not appear in the spring commencement program.



What grade point average must I have to graduate?

Students must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in all course work, a 2.0 grade point average in their major, a 2.0 in their minor if applicable and not more than 25 percent of the semester hours may carry the grade of D.

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Will my remedial hours count towards my graduation hours?


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Is there a graduation fee?

No, there is no longer a fee.

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How do I know if I have honors?

University Honors Program

Students in the University Honors Program are selected on a competitive basis and are required to enroll in a sequence of academically rigorous honors classes. Only students who successfully complete all requirements can graduate from the University Honors Program. University Honors Program graduates will wear a medallion on a green ribbon over their robes at commencement (medallions will be distributed with their Name Announcement Card).

Honors Distinction

Undergraduate students who have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.500 on all Arkansas Tech coursework, not including courses taken elsewhere, will receive honors accordingly:

Summa Cum Laude - 3.900 - 4.000

Magna Cum Laude - 3.700 - 3.899

Cum Laude - 3.500 - 3.699

Graduation Honorees will wear a gold cord over their robes at commencement (cords will be distributed with their Name Announcement Card), and honors will be indicated on the diploma and academic transcript.

Because of the print deadline for the commencement program, honors listed in the program are based on the cumulative grade point average of Arkansas Tech coursework from your preceding semesters, not to include your final semester.

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Will my major and minor be listed on my diploma?

Your major will be listed on your diploma. Your minor will not be listed on your diploma, however, it is listed on your academic transcript.

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When will I receive my diploma?

You will receive a digital copy of your diploma the week following your graduation. You will need to check your school email for a notification when your digital diploma is issued. Whenever you claim your digital diploma, you will confirm your mailing address for your hard copy paper diploma. Our partner, Parchment will then mail your diploma to you.

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How do I order an extra copy of my diploma?

Complete the additional diploma request form and return it to

Request for Additional Diploma

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How do I order a transcript that reflects my degree awarded?

Complete the transcript request form and return it to with the "after degree" option marked.

Transcript Request Form

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When and where do I order my cap and gown?

Click here for information on ordering your cap and gown.

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When will I get my honors cord?

A gold honors cord will be given to you when you pick up your name announcement card.

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When will I get my first generation stole?

A first generation stole will be given to you when you pick up your name announcement card.

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Do I get my other (department or organization specific) cords, stoles, or pins from your office?

Cords, stoles, and pins from other departments or organizations (ex. nursing cords, athletic stoles, College of Education pins) will be distributed by the respective department or organization. The Registrar's office only distributes honors cords, first generation stoles, and honor's medallions.

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What side of my cap should I wear my tassel?

Students need to wear their tassel on the right side of their cap until after the photographer has taken their picture during the diploma presentation.

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Should I put my master hood on prior to the ceremony?

Doctoral candidates should not have their hoods on prior to the ceremony.

Ed Specialists and Masters candidates should have their hoods on prior to the ceremony. Representatives from the Registrar's Office will be available to help you put on your hood in the student line up prior to the ceremony beginning.

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What color master hood do I purchase for my degree?

For all academic purposes, the hood colors (for Master's students) associated with the different degrees are as follows:

Light Blue
Doctor of Education - School Leadership
Educational Specialist - Educational Leadership
Master of Education - Educational Leadership
Master of Education - Instructional Technology
Master of Education - K-12 Literary
Master of Education - School Counseling & Leadership
Master of Education - Special Education K-12
Master of Education - Teaching, Learning, & Leadership

Master of Science - Applied Sociology
Master of Science - Student Affairs Administration
Master of Science - Emergency Management & Homeland Security
Master of Science - Fisheries & Wildlife Biology
Master of Science - Health Informatics
Master of Science - Information Technology
Master of Science - Psychology
Master of Science - Strength and Conditioning Studies

Master of Business Administration - Business Administration

Master of Science in Nursing - Administration

Master of Engineering

Master of Arts - English
Master of Arts - English with TESL Option
Master of Arts - History
Master of Arts - Multimedia Journalism
Master of Arts - Teaching
Master of Arts - Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages

Master of Liberal Arts - Communications Concentration
Master of Liberal Arts - Fine Arts Concentration
Master of Liberal Arts - Social Sciences Concentration

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What if I can't attend my ceremony?

Participation in commencement is required of all degree candidates, except in cases involving hardship. Students may officially petition in writing to the Office of Academic Affairs that the degree be awarded in absentia. Petitions should include your T-Number, the reason you will be unable to attend the ceremony, your current mailing address, and the address to which your diploma should be mailed.

Petitions for absentia should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs, and may be sent to:Arkansas Tech University
Office of Academic Affairs
1509 North Boulder Avenue
Russellville AR, 72801

Email Petition for Absentia

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If I have a double degree will I participate in commencement twice?

No; you will walk with the college preference you selected on your application for graduation. Your name, however, will be listed in the commencement program under both colleges in which you are earning degrees.

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Will we rehearse for the graduation ceremony?

No, but you will be given directions concerning the ceremony when you pick up your name announcement card.

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Will a photographer be available to take my photo?

Yes, a professional photographer will take your picture as you cross the walkway and receive your diploma cover.

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Will my ceremony be live-streamed?

Yes, the ceremony is live-streamed. The live stream can be viewed here.

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Can friends and family bring gifts to my ceremony?

No vases, flowers, or balloons are allowed in Thone Stadium or Tucker Coliseum.

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Can friends and family bring snacks or drinks?

No food or beverages are allowed in Thone Stadium or Tucker Coliseum.

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