Projects identified in the campus master plan are arranged under four types of recommendations: Priority Projects, Incremental Projects, Long Term Projects, and Recommendations for strategic or revenue generating projects. (Note that the master plan acknowledges that prioritization is not the same as implementation; therefore, the prioritization relates to the order of efforts of the institution to make the project a reality.)

Priority projects

Roush and Stroupe Demolition (Complete)

O Street and Campus Entrance (In Progress)

  • The Board of Trustees took the first step for the addition of a new campus entrance by directing the administration to move forward on the architect selection process for the design and filing a request with the Arkansas Department of Transportation for a stop light at the proposed entrance.
  • Click here to read more and to see a site depiction.

New Campus Rec. Center / Mullins Plaza (Ongoing)

  • Architect selection was made in July 2019.
  • Programming Phase: August 2019 through December 2019 (Complete).
  • Schematic Design Phase: January 2020 - March 2020 (Complete). 
  • Project delayed due to COVID-19: March 2019.
  • Project Reinstated: Tentatively scheduled for January 2021.

Incremental projects

Wayfinding and Signage (Funding Stage)

Listed in the Master Plan report as Comprehensive Signage Refresh.

  • A committee was formed in spring 2018 to make recommendations on signage for the campus. Committee members were:
    • Dausen Duncan - Visit Day Coordinator, Admissions
    • Jeff Woods - Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
    • Joshua McMillian – Director of Public Safety
    • Jessica Holloway – Director of Procurement and Risk Management
    • Brandi Collins – Licensing, Branding, and Editorial Manager MARCOMM
    • Steve Mullins – Athletic Director
    • Brian Lasey – Director of Facilities Management
    • Jayne Jones – Coordinator of Special Projects
    • Amy Pennington – Dean of Students
    • Justin Smith – Chief Business/Community Outreach Officer Ozark Campus
    • Ken Wester – Director of Information Systems
    • Galen Rounsaville – Construction Manager
  • Click here to access a copy of the committee recommendations