Project Schedule


The campus master plan process lasted approximately 10 months. The process was kicked off in January 2017 and was completed in October 2017.

Project Schedule


How The Plan Was Developed

This is a record of how the Master Planning Process was undertaken by Arkansas Tech University.

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What would help recruit new students at the Russellville Campus?

  • A Recreation Facility
    • Indoor swimming pool
    • Rock climbing wall
    • Bike trails
    • Frisbee golf
  • New Housing
    • New dorms
    • Greek row
    • Fraternity housing
  • New Fine Arts & Humanities
    • New Theatre
  • Student Center/Student Union
    • A place other than Baz-Tech
    • More coffee shops
    • More food options
    • A convenience store
  • 24 Hour Study Facility
    • 24/7 computer lab
  • Agriculture Building
    • Green house facility
    • Community gardens/programs
  • Multi-level Parking Garage
  • Better Wheelchair Access
  • New Science Building
  • Daycare/Preschool
  • Nursing Department Facility
  • A Lapidary School



What would help recruit students to Ozark Campus?

  • More areas to meet with other students
  • Student Union/Library
  • Daycare for parents
  • Sciences laboratory
  • Computer Science IT/Networking facility
  • More course for first responders
  • Bigger cafe/coffee shop
  • Nicer classrooms
  • The Health and Wellness Center
  • Campus housing, dorms/student apartments
  • Sports complex, soccer field, baseball field and such


In your opinion, please rate the following space types in terms of future need?

  • Need More
    • Classrooms
    • Class Labs
    • Student Study
    • Open Labs
    • Academic Offices
    • Recreation/Exercise
  • Adequate
    • Food Service
    • Library Stacks
    • Athletics
    • Merchandise
    • Student Organization
    • Student Lounge
  • Need Fewer


Open Forums

Read more about campus open forums on the Master Planning blog