Task Forces


Six task force groups were created to provide topic-based input into the master planning process:

Assessing Building/Facility Needs and Space Utilization:

This task force dealt with prioritizing needs for new buildings and outdoor facilities, recommendations for repair and renovation of existing buildings, core infrastructure needs (sewers, HVAC, electricity, boilers, etc.), and recommendations on space utilization and allocation standards/policies.

Bernadette Hinkle Chairperson
Alison Ahlert
Sandy Cheffer
Fred Clayton
Pat Edmunds
Mary Gunter
Mike Hutchison
Brian Lasey
Blair Miller
Steve Mullins
Mike Murders
Keegan Nichols
Amy Pennington
Jeff Robertson
Galen Rounsaville
Matthew Smith
Eric Voth
Doug Walton
Jeff Woods

Enhancing Transportation and Parking:

This task force addressed issues such as entrances, sidewalks, circulation, bike lanes, walking trails, perimeter and interior parking, and shuttle services.

Tammy Marcoe Chairperson
Kristy Bayer
Jon Clements
Richard Harris
Aaron Hogan
Alyssa Kool
Brian Lasey
Josh McMillian
Keegan Nichols
Yasu Onodera
Amy Pennington
Tom Pennington
Doug Walton
Richard Wineland

Improving Technology Infrastructure:

This task force discussed IT infrastructure, instructional delivery, software support, emerging technology for energy efficiency and cost savings.

David Underwood Chairperson
Carol Adkison
David Condley
Brent Etzel
Jessica Holloway
Brian Lasey
Steve Milligan
Clay Moore
Hanna Norton
Matt Pipkins
Emily Schlaf
Niki Schwartz
Bruce Sikes
Paul Smith
Doug Walton
Wyatt Watson
Tammy Weaver
Ken Wester

Creating Sustainable Campuses:

This task force addressed energy and conservation, campus environment, building and campus design, materials management, and green space preservation.

Jeff Robertson Chairperson
Neal Barlow
Sandy Cheffer
Erin Clair
Fred Clayton
Robert Condley
Julie Ennis
Tommy Fields
Jordie Flippo
Jasdeep Grewal 
Maggie Hand 
Katie Hardy
Kyle Howley
Brian Lasey
James Stobaugh
Doug Walton


Integrating Community and Preserving Campus Heritage:

This task force explored issues related to campus culture and character, the future development of the El Paso Corridor, integration of adjacent businesses/property, and preservation of historical significant sites or landmarks.

Jayne Jones Chairperson
Cass Capen-Housley
Kelly Davis
Tom DeBlack
Megan Edmonds
Debra Fithen
Aubrey Holt
Sean Huss
Terry Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Camille Jordan
Rick Massengale
Seth McCammon
Justin Smith
Kevin Solomon
Courtney Standridge


Ensuring Safety and Security:

This task force addressed emergency preparedness, emergency response communications, business continuity, IT disaster recovery, coordination with external agencies, and health and safety technologies and policies.

Josh McMillian Chairperson 
Lindelle Fraser
Becky Gray
Mark Pyburn
Galen Rounsaville
Wilson Short
Jayson Simmons
David Spicer
Heath Whorton