Freshman Leadership Experience


The Freshman Leadership Experience (FLE) serves as the starting point for students seeking to gain and increase their leadership skill set.  Open to only fifteen (15) incoming freshmen, this program will actively engage students in a variety of leadership experiences that will create an advantage for the coming years at ATU.

During this retreat, students will engage with other incoming freshmen while learning from current campus leaders, University staff, and other leadership experts.  These experiences will help students make connections, establish a leadership and involvement plan for the first year, and learn from some of the best and brightest campus leaders.

Lodging and all meals are included in this program.  Students applying for FLE must be available for the entire length of this program.

  1. FLE Learning Outcomes: 

    1. Students will be able to identify their personal strengths and how they function in a team.
    2. Students will learn about the different types of communication styles.
    3. Students will learn skills to engage in conflict effectively and work toward conflict resolution.
    4. Students will learn that leadership is more than holding a position.
    5. Students will practice team leadership through active group participation.

FLE Dates:

FLE Application:

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