International Women's Week is a week of celebration, education, and awareness surrounding women's and gender issues. Events for the 2023 program at Arkansas Tech will be taking place March 6-10, 2023. This year's theme, "LIKEAGIRL" will include topics surrounding women's empowerment, gender balance, professional growth, activism, equity, and wellness. 

Arkansas Tech University began celebrating Women's Week in 2013.  Campus Life, Public Safety, Academic Affairs, Health and Wellness, Title IX, and many other offices across campus collaborate each year to make this week an empowering experience for women at the university and in the Russellville community. 

Over the years, we have had noteworthy speakers including:

This year, we are honoring women by recognizing and celebrating what motivates them with our theme, Like A Girl. 

Check out our 2023 Women's Week schedule of events:



Women's Week Essay Contest

2023 wINNER - Lindsey Hover


In her essay, Lindsey states, I want to change the way female athletes react to hearing someone say, “like a girl.” Sadly, the meaning behind the phrase might not ever be anything other than an insult but, that doesn’t mean girls have to take it as one.  

If only when people say “you run like a girl” they were talking about Shelly- Anne Fraser- Pryce a Jamaican sprinter who won gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Games. (Bozon,2022)    In 2019, Shelly became the first mother in 24 years to win a global 100m title, in 2013 she was voted the IAAF World Athlete of the Year, and in 2014 she won the 60m world indoor title to become the first female to ever hold world titles in four sprint events at the same time. (Bozon,2022) To all the female track and field athletes, next time someone tells you that you “run like a girl” I want you to assume they’re referring to Shelly-Anne Fraser - Pryce. 

If only when people say you “play like a girl” they were referring to Serena Williams a professional tennis player who has won more Grand Slam singles titles than anyone else in the world (Britannica 2023) or Megan Rapinoe a professional soccer player who has won two Women’s World Cups in 2015 and 2019 (Britannica 2023). There are millions of talented female athletes in the world.” 

She ends her essay saying,  

“So, next time someone says you do anything “like a girl,” think of the world's greatest female athletes and take it as a compliment because, after all, you are one.” 

If you have a passion or talent for writing, we encourage you to submit your entry for the 2023 Women's Week Essay Contest. The winning essay writer will receive $250! 

Topic:  Consider the theme "LIKEAGIRL". Write about your interpretation of this year's Women's Week theme. This can be as broad or as focused as you want. 

Deadline:  TBD

Who is eligible?:  All students enrolled at Arkansas Tech University. 

Format:  The essay should be no more than 750 words, typed, and double-spaced.  Students must submit original work.

Submit Essay via theLink



Women's Week Art Exhibit


If you have a passion or talent for artistry, we encourage you to submit your entry for the 2023 Women's Week Art Exhibit. Students can submit any kind of work of art to be displayed in the Norman Hall Exhibit from March 6-10, 2023. The work will be judged throughout the week, and the winning students will be awarded prizes!

Concept: The subject matter should be about student interpretation of LIKEAGIRL.  This may come from personal experience as well as social observation.  

Deadline: TBD 

Art Exhibit Rules




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