International Student Speakers Bureau- ISSB

What is the ISSB?

The International Student Speakers Bureau is an organization sponsored by International Students and Scholars at Arkansas Tech University. The main purpose of the ISSB is to encourage understanding and collaboration through the sharing of cultural experiences between the international and multicultural student body and the Russellville community. ISSB provides local schools and community organizations with international and multicultural speakers that can share about their countries and cultures with audiences of all levels. These students come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and are eager to share stores about life in their home countries or countries of origin.

Information for Community Organization & Schools:  In order for the ISSB to provide well prepared, quality presentations, groups requesting speakers from ISSB must do so at least two to three weeks before their planned event. Presentations may vary in length, topic, and complexity according to the hosts requests and specifications. Our students can also bring clothing, photos, music, PowerPoints, and other visual aides. Transportation for speakers is provided by the ISSB.

If you are interested in requesting a speaker, please contact:

Information for International Students

The ISSB is an excellent learning opportunity for international students as well. The benefits include:

  1. Opportunities to practice and improve English speaking skills
  2. Learn how to build effective presentations and keep your audience captivated.
  3. Become acquainted with new new friends and potential employers.
  4. Learn team building and leadership skills5. Introduction to community groups.

At the end of each semester, each ISSB member will receive an official certificate from the International Student Services recognizing your service. It will help you build an impressive resume.

If you would like to be a part of the ISSB, please contact: