College of Arts & Humanities Faculty and Staff Awards


The College of Arts and Humanities is proud of the excellence and dedication of our faculty and staff. Each year we give out awards in recognition of our exemplary faculty and staff.  


Adjunct FAculty Award

2021 Mr. Don Lee


Dean’s Choice Award 

2020 Dr. Erin Clair and Dr. Julie Mikles-Schluterman 

2021 Dr. Nate Chapman and Dr. Alejandra Carballo


Mentor Award for Distinguished Student Advising

2021Dr. Jason Ulsperger

2020 Dr. Alexis Johnson

2019 Dr. Erica Wondolowski

2018 Dr. Michael Brodrick 

2017 Dr. Sarah Stein


Staff Award for Distinguished Service

2021Ms. Bonnie Heathcock

2020 Ms. Belinda Hilliard

2019 Ms. Susan Johnson

2018 Ms. Pat Bullard