College of Arts and Humanities Internship Scholarship

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College of Arts and Humanities Internship Scholarship

The College of Arts and Humanities Internship scholarship program allows qualified students to take 3 to 6 hours of internship credit hours tuition free. Internships in Arts and Humanities majors offer students the ability to work in their chosen field and experience practical, real world challenges that will face them as professionals.

These competitive scholarships are available to ATU undergraduate students in Arts and Humanities College majors with no fewer than 45 earned hours and good academic standing.  Scholarships will be awarded based on GPA, skills and experience, and financial need. Recipients will be selected by the Arts and Humanities College Advisory Board. Scholarship availability will depend on funding.

If you are interested in applying, inquire with your department regarding internship hours.  There are a wide range of internship opportunities available within the college.  Eligible courses include but are not limited to:

  • ART 4731,4732,4733,4734,4735,4736: Art or Design Internship
  • COMM 4173: Internship in Speech Communication
  • HIST or POLS 4972, 4973, 4974, 4975, 4976 Internship
  • JOUR 4091,4092,4093,4094: Internship
  • RS 4012: Internship in Rehabilitation Services
  • SPAN 3163: Community Internship Experience
  • TH 4091,4092,4093,4094: Internship
  • SEED Education Internships

Internships may also be available as special problems or independent study courses, so speak with your department about options and opportunities.

Students may only apply for the Internship Scholarship once, and can only receive it for one semester. The scholarship must be used during the award period which includes the Summer 2022, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters.  If the student takes the associated course in a different term then they complete the internship, the scholarship is applied in during the term in which the student interns. If the student does not have applicable tuition in in that term, the scholarship can be given as a stipend.

Applications are due April 1st at noon. (In hiatus)

Please deliver to WPN 240 or email to 

Download Internship Scholarship Application