Checklist for Receiving Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Process

The following is an example of the typical process for obtaining financial aid. Each student's process can differ based on their unique aid package, so make sure you pay attention to the communication you receive from Arkansas Tech's Financial Aid Office to complete all requirements for your aid package.

Sample Checklist

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Apply for Admission to the college of your choice

Apply for admission to the college you plan on attending.  Check out Arkansas Tech University's application for admission here:!  

Some schools, like Arkansas Tech, use their application for admission as the application for freshman academic scholarships. Be sure to submit all of your documents and get officially admitted as soon as possible!

If you have already completed this step, you are one step closer to graduation!

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Create your fsa id

This can be completed much earlier than you can submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The FSA ID is a user name and password combination which confirms your identity on federal websites which you will use to apply and manage your federal aid throughout your college career and beyond. It is your legal signature and you will use it each year you fill out the FAFSA and for the lifetime of your federal student loans. 

  • Click to create an FSA ID.
  • Create a username and password, and enter your e-mail address.
  • Enter your personal information, address, and challenge questions and answers.
    • Double check all of your personal information. We know it sounds silly, but wrong information here can cause a lot of trouble and significant delays.
  • Review your information.  Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Confirm your e-mail address using the secure code which will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when you created your FSA ID.  Once you verify your e-mail address, you can use it instead of your username to log in to the websites.

You and your parent, if required, will need separate FSA IDs with different e-mail addresses.  Keep your username and password information in a safe place as you will use this as your electronic signature for your entire college career.  Only the owner of the FSA ID should create and use the account.  Never share your FSA ID.

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Look for scholarships and grants.

Look for scholarships through your state or college as well as national and community organizations. Arkansas Tech's scholarships can be found at  

Please pay attention to posted deadlines for all scholarships.
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Complete the FAFSA


The FAFSA is the only way to apply for federal student aid. The schools you list on your application will use FAFSA information to evaluate your financial need and determine how much federal aid you are eligible to receive. Many states and colleges also use FAFSA information to provide their own financial aid.

You can submit the FAFSA the year you will graduate high school, or the year prior to the fall term in which you plan on attending college. It is best to fill it out as early as you can because some aid is first come, first served. The FAFSA is expected to be available sometime in December 2023 for aid year 2024-25.

Complete the FAFSA online at Make sure to fill it out and submit the FAFSA each year you are in college. Arkansas Tech's Title IV school code is 001089. If you want your FAFSA sent to us, you need to put this number on the FAFSA.

When you complete a FAFSA, you'll need to provide personal and tax information. If you have questions about what tax year information to provide on the FAFSA, look at the questions on the FAFSA, or contact our office.

Keep in mind, you must submit the FAFSA each school year.  Arkansas Tech's school year is Fall through Summer.

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Receive a Student Aid Report (SAR)

After you submit your FAFSA, you'll receive an email with your Student Aid Report (SAR). Your SAR summarizes the information reported on your FAFSA. Review it and make corrections if needed.

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Receive an Award E-mail

Your award e-mail explains how to access information about the combination of federal grants, loans, and work-study a college is offering you. The offer might also contain state and institutional aid, such as scholarships. If you receive award offers from multiple colleges or career schools, you should compare them and decide which school works best for you.

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Enroll in your school of choice and register for classes

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All Financial Aid is applied to your student account

Once your aid package is applied to your account, if your aid did not cover all of your expenses you will owe a balance. If your aid covered all of your expenses and you had some money leftover, this money will be refunded to you through the Student Accounts Office. Refund dates and information can be found at

If you receive any institutional aid from Arkansas Tech, such as academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, or tuition waivers, you must complete the FAFSA before your aid will credit to your student account.

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Maintain your Financial Aid awards

Check OneTech periodically throughout each semester to make sure there are no holds on your account, or missing requirements which might impact your financial aid awards. Keep each award's credit hour and GPA requirements in mind when making decisions about your class schedule. Check out Arkansas Tech's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for federal aid. Don't forget to fill out the FAFSA each year your are in school. 

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Celebrate as you cross the stage at Tucker Coliseum and get your diploma.

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Wrap up your Financial Aid requirements

If you did not take out student loans, you're done! If you did, now is the time for loan exit counseling and planning your loan repayment strategy. Check out or for information regarding different repayment plans and getting started repaying your loan.