Mission & Vision

Mission: To empower ATU undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni with the skills, knowledge, experiences, and connections to be successful in their futures. We believe career development is a vehicle for equalizing social capitals concerning access, equity, and social justice in society.

Vision: Every student graduates quipped to build the future they want.

Our three pillars for learning and growing

Professional Development: Students explore different industries, learn about career and life options, attend workshops, and network with industry leaders.

Networking: A community of professionals both inside and outside of ATU giving students an understanding and insight into real-world challenges and opportunities.

Graduate School & Fellowship Counseling: Individualized, tailored counseling assisting students in exploring their interests, clarify their goals, and strategize for success.



Career competencies represent the skills, experiences, and attributes that will help you thrive in your post graduate futures. Norman Career Services strives to provide all ATU students and alumni through with the following competencies: with the foundation to transition and be successful throughout your career journey.

  1. Communication: Articulate ideas clearly and effectively, verbally and in writing.
  2. Self-Awareness: Identify and reflect on personal values, interests, skills, strengths, and growth areas.
  3. Collaboration: Build collaborative partnerships and work together towards common goals while appreciating diverse viewpoints and shared responsibilities.
  4. Professionalism: Demonstrating competence, respect, and integrity in the workplace.
  5. Career Management: Identify and pursue areas of professional development while persisting through setbacks.
  6. Building Your Network: Build professional connections and share industry information for mutual benefit.
  7. Intercultural and Global Understanding: Apply cultural awareness and empathy across relationships and environments.
  8. Leadership: Maximize strengths and efforts of others towards achieving a common goal.
  9. Critical Thinking: Exercise sound reasoning to analyze and evaluate circumstances.
  10. Digital Fluency: Being aware of and able to navigate relevant technology.
  11. Innovation: Contributing in a creative and imaginative way.