Professional Development

Your Future is Personal

At ATU, students come from everywhere, want to go everywhere, and want to be everything. Thus, a one-size-fits all approach to career counseling is not the ATU approach. No matter a student’s goal or destination, when students connect with the Norman Career Services staff, they receive individual attention.


A Proactive Approach

Norman Career Services proactively counsels students on key issues and timelines influencing their academic and professional futures. Norman Career Services team supports students in what they know is needed and what might not yet have been considered.


Ask Us Anything

The Norman Career Services staff is equipped to help you navigate your career: the in-betweenness and uncertainty you may face in your career decisions, self-discovery of your skills and interests, development of your professional skills, preparation for graduate school, exploration of scholarships and prestigious awards, and acclimation to the world of work.

Students can talk to us about anything, but common topics include things like: