Distinguish Scholarships and Fellowships

Distinguish Scholarships and fellowships are highly-competitive, merit-based opportunities at the national or international level. Some of the best-known global awards, include the Rhodes ScholarshipFulbright Scholarship, and Gates-Cambridge Scholarship, which are applicable after finishing your studies . There are others, like the Dalai Lama FellowsFuture Global Leaders Fellowship, and Clinton Global Initiative - University, that are more experiential in nature, and which accept applications from students while they are enrolled during their studies.


Planning and Preparing

The goal is to help students identify passions, interests, and future paths. Pursuing the right global awards competitions will help achieve those goals.

Norman Career Services offers an active, hands-on, individualized approach to advising students and alumni who are applying for global awards. Working 1-to-1 with students to determine whether a given award is right for them, and helping at every stage of the application process. Please refer to our mentoring section to see information regarding our graduate school/global awards mentoring.

The emphasis is not on the outcome of the global award competition, but on the process of applying. There are significant and important benefits from going through the process of applying for a global award, whether or not students are selected to receive such an honor. These may include greater self-knowledge, a holistic vision for life after graduation, incredible writing samples, and an ability to tell your story in a compelling way.


Additional Information

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