Budget Advisory

Budget Advisory


To support the University Mission, Vision Statement, and Strategic Plan, the President formed the Budget Advisory Committee in Spring 2017 to engage and promote transparency in the University budgeting process. 


The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) is advisory in nature, providing valuable input and recommendations on a range of budgetary practices, policies, and reporting.  The input and recommendations are considered by the President in developing the final budget appropriation request to the Board of Trustees.


The BAC will advise and contribute points of view to central university budgeting issues that impact development of revenues and expenditure levels for the next fiscal year operations.  The advisory nature of the committee results in recommendations that will inform the President of short-term and long-term aspects of budgetary outcomes that will assist in the appropriation of funds.

Guiding Principles

The BAC members should embrace and use guiding principles of distributive leadership in consideration information and development of information to develop the annual budget appropriation request.  The committee should engage in respectful discussions concerning the annual budget development as it relates to student impacts and considerations of service levels in supporting of students in their educational goals. BAC members are requested to represent the best interest of the University as a whole and rely upon ATUs vision, mission, strategic plan, and Board and/or President directed priorities.  BAC members will commit to supporting the budget development process by distributing information to their constituent base and encourage feedback from them.