National Survey of Student Engagement


At ATU, first-year and senior students are invited biennially to complete the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), a survey that collects information about student participation in activities designed to enhance students' learning and personal growth.

The survey examines student involvement in six High-Impact Practices (HIPs) associated with learning, retention, and positive life-long impact:

  • service-learning
  • learning communities
  • research with faculty
  • internships or field experiences
  • study abroad
  • culminating senior experiences

Additionally, the NSSE examines four Student Engagement Indicators:

  • academic challenge
  • learning with peers
  • experiences with faculty
  • campus environment

44% of FY students and 57% of seniors said at least some of their courses included a community-based service-learing project.

First-year (FY) students spent an average of 13 hours per week preparing for class while seniors spent an average of 14 hours per week.

ATU has participated in the NSSE biennially since 2017.  The Multi-year Report summarizes Student Engagement results and High-Impact Practices and provides detailed statistics. The "Pocket Guide to Choosing a College: NSSE 2021 Answers from Students" provides prospective students with insights into how they might learn and develop at ATU. The graph images above are from that report. 

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