Supernatural experiences


There have been many accounts of on-campus disturbances. Students say that there are many ghosts responsible for these incidents. On this page you will see where the spirits have been seen around the campus, as well as an eerie video showing exactly what the students experienced in their sightings. Beware what you hear and see may be chilling, continue with discretion.



on-campus ghost stories


These are first hand accounts of real events that students experienced


The haunted halls of tech

In the video below, students recorded footage in the same areas that paranormal activity was reported. The students then recreated the experiences that were told in the first hand accounts. Each story related to the footage is narrated in detail. Please enjoy these frightening real occurrences.


Join us for a tour

ATU’s Ghost Tour is a walking tour of campus, visiting our most well-known haunted buildings. The tour is conducted every Thursday before Halloween by Public Safety, starting in the Student Union and concludes in the dark catacombs of Arkansas Tech. Contact Sergeant K. Manning, with Arkansas Tech University Public Safety at 479-968-0222 or for more information.